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TOP 8 Reasons Why CS:GO is so Fun to Play

There’s no doubt that the Counter-Strike franchise has left its mark on the shooter genre and gaming in general. Older gamers surely remember playing CS 1.6 with their friends and how much fun that was. Take that and crank it up to eleven and you get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO for short.

It has taken the online shooter space and launched into orbit, with professional tournaments, endless hours played, and we can’t forget the whole other world that is the CS:GO market where people buy and sell CS:GO skins.


Here, you can find some of the reasons why the game has become such a hit and what makes it fun to play, no matter how many hours you already have invested in it.

It’s Not Linear

No game of CS:GO goes exactly the same as the last one. Every game brings new and fun circumstances, and you have to come up with new ways to overcome them and outplay your opponents. 

Whether you’re playing a competitive match with a premade team or you just hop into the lobby of a random game, fun antics are guaranteed.

Going beyond just the ever-changing gameplay, the game offers so many different options you can choose – from the gun of your choice all the way to game modes and maps you can play on.

You Can Enjoy no Matter Your Skill Level

You can enjoy playing no matter what your CS:GO rank is and how many hours you have in the game. The rush and the feeling of satisfaction when you get a headshot is the same, whether it’s your first game ever or when you’ve been playing for years. 

That’s the biggest part of this game – you don’t have to be the best player in the world to truly enjoy it – it can just be a fun thing to unwind after a stressful day.

Easy to Learn, Lots of Room to Master

There’s a learning curve when you start playing CS:GO, especially if you haven’t played many shooters before, but it’s not a steep one. You can pick up on the game’s basics within the first couple of hours of playing it.

After you have the basics – the layout of the map and where you’re supposed to check for enemies – there’s still a lot of room to improve your skills. You determine how seriously you take every game and what will be enjoyable for you.

Many Different Modes

Even though many people prefer the Classic game mode, where you compete in teams of five against other players, CS:GO offers a lot of other game modes that you can try out and see if they’re maybe more your thing. The other game modes are:

  • Deathmatch
  • Arms Race
  • Demolition
  • Danger Zone

With these and a couple of different variations of the Classic game mode with slightly different objectives, there is no end to the fun, as you can switch to any mode for your next game.

It’s a Teamplay Game

There aren’t many things that can improve the gaming experience, like sharing it with other people. Especially with shooters, playing with other people, and working as a team to overcome the obstacles before you can change your very perception of why the game is so much fun. 

When you share it with friends or just people online that like the game as much as you do, teamwork is what drives you to get better and contribute to the overall quality of the game. In a game as tactical as CS:GO can be, which team works better as a unit can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Different Weapons

Aside from the game modes which determine your weapon of choice or improve it as a reward for a good game, you can change up your playstyle quite a bit, even if you are just playing a classic game of 5v5. 

Depending on whether you choose to play short or long-range, CS:GO becomes a whole different game, as you have to use different tactics and change your approach to the match as a whole.

And CS:GO gives you a bunch of options to choose from – from basic pistols and knives to powerful sniper rifles. Whatever your preferred style is, you can find a weapon that will suit you, whether it be rushing into the objective guns blazing or taking your sweet time and waiting for that perfect moment to land a headshot.

Variety of Strats

Strats, or strategies, are also numerous, and they aren’t confined by just your playstyle. Your team coordination influences them, as well as which map you’re playing on, and a whole bunch of other factors. Some of those even include memorizing the weapons your opponents use and the routes they usually take. 

It’s a lot, and it takes some time to really get into, but once you do, your brain will start deducing what the best strategy would be at the moment automatically, and your fingers will respond.

Lots of Fun Maps

CS:GO offers a variety of maps you can choose from, from the classics from previous games that many people have been playing for years and know by heart to brand new content that’s been made for this game. Which map you play on can change your strategy and weapon choice quite a bit, and it’s never the same. 


If you are a fan of the shooter genre, and you’re looking for a new game to play, you’ll hardly miss CS:GO. And you should give it a chance – it could fulfill hours of your life with always new and unexpected plays, tactics, and of course, loot drops.

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