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Nintendo Ships Picross DS Puzzler


Jul 30, 2007

Nintendo today will release a new grid/puzzle game for the Nintendo DS. Called Picross DS, the game combines elements of both crossword and sudoku puzzles.
Every Picross puzzle features an image hidden beneath a grid of numbered squares. Using logic, players reveal the hidden picture by decoding the number sequences in each column and row. In the game’s Daily Picross mode, players can track their progress over time, opening up new activities as their skills increase. Players can either race the clock to solve puzzles quickly or deduce errors in a filled grid. Switching over to My Picross mode, players can instead design custom puzzles or convert hand-drawn pictures into Picross DS grids.
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection also enables players to download new puzzle packs, upload their own Picross DS creations or compete in head-to-head puzzle-solving races.

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