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Sony 'Moves' More than 4 Million PlayStation Move Units


Nov 30, 2010

Sony fired back in the motion-controller sales war today, announcing that the company has sold more than 4 million PlayStation Move units since the peripheral’s launch two months ago.

Sony’s PlayStation move sales update comes one day after Microsoft said it has sold 2.5 million Xbox Kinect units in its first 25 days of availability.

Looking at the pure numbers, the Xbox Kinect is on pace to outsell the PlayStation Move by 20% when Microsoft’s hardware reaches its two-month birthday. However, sales of both motion-control systems aren’t exactly apples to apples, since the Xbox 360’s Kinect hardware benefited from Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday discounts, and it will continue to benefit from the holiday sales push.

With Sony having sold 41.6 million PlayStation 3 consoles worldwide, the sales results for the PlayStation Move indicate that 10 percent of all PlayStation 3 owners have a PlayStation Move controller. However, don’t get too attached to that statistic, since a single PS3 owner may own multiple Move controllers for his/her system.

Sony’s figure of 4 million PlayStation Moves sold does not include the navigation controllers or PlayStation Eye as separate sales, only the standard Move controller — and all those holiday-discounted bundles.

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