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Dynasty Warriors Next Ships for PlayStation Vita


Feb 22, 2012
Koei Tecmo logo

Koei Tecmo logoTecmo Koei America has shipped the latest chapter in one of its most beloved franchises, Dynasty Warriors, for the PlayStation Vita. Called Dynasty Warriors Next, the PS Vita-exclusive game is now available at retail across North America. You can also grab it from Amazon by clicking this link: Dynasty Warriors NEXT.

In Dynasty Warriors Next, players step into the shoes of the greatest generals of Ancient China for high quality tactical action gameplay on the go. Because it was built from the ground up for the PS Vita, the game adds intuitive controls utilizing the system’s touch pad and sensor while allowing up to four players to connect and play together through local ad hoc play.

Impressive visual effects will immerse players in the Warrior’s world with lifelike battles and compelling cinematic action. Local play and Wi-Fi/3G are both supported for continuous social interaction. Players can use PlayStation Vita’s innovative Live Area, the new online Conquest Mode, and the new 4 player ad-hoc co-op multiplayer “Coalition Mode” for a rich multiplayer experience in Dynasty Warriors Next.

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