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Bomberman Land Goes Gold for Wii, DS and PSP


Jan 4, 2008

Three new Bomberman games have gone gold today: Bomberman Land for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Portable (PSP), and Bomberman Land Touch! 2 for the Nintendo DS. Konami will ship all three games to retail on January 29.

Bomberman Land brings a single-player campaign element to the Bomberman franchise while still including a multiplayer mode by which players can compete in a multitude of mini-games. The Bomberman Land single-player Story Mode lets players explore a fantasy land and solve quests and puzzles with the ultimate goal of restoring peace and tranquility to the beleaguered Bomberman world.

In terms of its mini-games, the PSP and Nintedo Wii versions of Bomberman Land feature 50 of them total. The Wii version utilizes the Wii Remote in various ways for each of its interactive games, while the Nintendo DS version features more than 40 types of mini-games that are all played with the Stylus.

The classic multiplayer Bomberman experience is also intact, as the PSP and Nintendo DS versions allow for shared play locally and up to four players globally. The Wii version features six different “Battle Modes” with 20 maps each for the ultimate party.

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