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DailyGame Reader Survey, Part Two


Mar 7, 2008

Dearest DailyGame readers: we hate to bother you again, but there were some shortcomings on our last survey that we’re hoping to fix this time around. You know, the standard stuff: income, education, which consoles you actually own (not just plan to buy). The second reader survey is here.

Anyway, we’ve generated a much shorter survey this time around, and we would really appreciate it if you’d take 45 seconds to answer is questions. Seriously, there are only about eight questions. One of them’s a bit “out there” (asking about your car-purchasing plans), but that’s more so we can weed out some of the advertisers who want to have their banners on the site.

Again, we truly appreciate the time you take to visit our site, and we’re hopeful that the answers to these surveys will make our content even more relevant for you, as well as the ads. Again, you can find the reader survey here.


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