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Play PowerBall on Nintendo Wii — Seriously


Mar 24, 2008

Online casinos and Internet gambling may make a ton of money, but did you ever think the day would come when you would be able to play PowerBall on your Nintendo Wii? We didn’t. Now, we just wonder whether Nintendo’s getting a cut. I mean, it’s doubtful that Reggie and Miyamoto need any more cash, and….

Oh wait. You mean it’s PowerBall the old-school Genesis game, not the lottery game? Oh, um, well, uh….

Nintendo has added two new games to its Virtual Console today, including PowerBall, which originally appeared on the Sega Gensis, and King’s Knight, which originally appeared on the NES. Full game descriptions and Wii Point costs are below.

PowerBall (800 Wii Points): Eight different teams representing various nations are vying to become the PowerBall champions, and you control one of the eight in your quest for the championship. A hybrid of games like rugby and football, PowerBall is played on a 100-yard field. Try to score by either carrying the ball into your opponent’s end zone or kicking it into your opponent’s net for points. This one- or two-player game offers both exhibition and league play.

King’s Knight (500 Wii Points): In the kingdom of Izander, the fair Princess Claire has been kidnapped by a foul and insidious dragon, and it is the mission of four brave fighters to save her. Through five fast-action stages, our gallant heroes — a knight, a wizard, a monster and a thief — will take on an army of incredible enemies. You must help them reach their goal, as you are now part of the team that will fight to free the princess from her imprisonment.

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