New Battlefield 4 Xbox One Patch Fixes Corruption — Sort Of

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The latest in a series of much-demanded Battlefield 4 updates has gone live today, says DICE. The newest Battlefield 4 Xbox One patch addresses a series of bug fixes, including corruption issues for single-player save files and camera issues when driving certain vehicles.

According to this post on the BF4 battlelog forum, today’s Battlefield 4 Xbox One patch fixes various random deadlocks (the so-called “sound loop crash,” spawning issues (actually appearing under the map) in Lancang Dam, and a camera glitch when switching weapons while moving in the crouch position. The full battlelog blog post outlines 15 specific bug fixes and includes a catch-all “general stability” line item.

Reducing the corruption of single-player save files is probably one of the more annoying fixes that this new Battlefield 4 Xbox One patch solves. BF4, like the COD series, has long been a multiplayer-focused affair, but those of us who enjoy single-player experiences just as much will be pleased to know they will no longer risk losing their progress.

Not all the changes in today’s BF4 Xbox One patch relate to “problems,” per se. For instance, one of the updates increases the damage by 25% for the Stealth Jet 20mm cannons, while another makes vehicles with lower health points (aircraft and transport vehicles, for instance) now repair more slowly than before.

Today’s Battlefield 4 Xbox One patch comes after a similar patch rolled-out to PS4, PS3 and Windows PC BF4 owners earlier this week.

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