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Best i7-9700K Air and Liquid Coolers

The new i7 9700k is the best CPU cooler, and it should be kept in mind while building your very own gaming computer. The point of the cooler is so that it can help extend the life of the PC as well as to promote the smooth functioning of other parts of the PC. 

These coolers are made and designed to push away the heat that the processor produces. Many computers have inbuilt fans and heatsinks, but if you choose to build your own game, you need an existing system for support. 

The best way to keep the CPU functioning at the ideal temperature there are many ways, but most effective is to use an air-or liquid-based cooler. To understand what will help your powerful processing work smoothly, one needs to understand what is better air or liquid cooling. Each is having their list of great coolers. Grab a refreshing drink and get reading as we bring a compiled list of top picks based on value and performance. 

Air Vs. Liquid Coolers what should one use?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and to make an informed choice and see what suits your processor better, we need to evaluate both the type of cooler.

Liquid Cooler (AIO)

This form of cooler started to gain popularity amount gamers due to various customization available and a deficient form factor. The noise created by the fan is almost zero, which is what draws people’s attention towards it. As coolers, tent to create a loud and irritating noise that can be very distracting, but with this, in place, the sound is to zero and hence once can concentrate on their game. They also, in terms of raw cooling potential, provide the best performance. In terms of redirecting the heat away from the CPU, the liquid cooler does a better job in comparison to the air cooler. The fan and radiator disperse the temperature outside the system. 

With all the advantages, the cooler is very expensive in comparison to the air cooler. Due to which people usually overlook its benefits as it’s costly. Another concern for these coolers is that there is a constant worry about their well being as they are prone to breakage, bursting, or even leakage. With an increase in technology, the risk of this happening has reduced, and you don’t necessarily have to worry about it breaking or bursting, but it still is a possibility. 

Best Liquid cooler out there

Liquid coolers provide excellent performance and aesthetics, but with this, you also need to pay a bomb to avail of these features. But, it’s essential to know that Asetek pumps are used by almost all the Liquid coolers, making all of them perform practically the same.

Corsair H1151 Pro

With its dual fan, this is one of the best liquid coolers. The fan is 280mm and has a touch of RGB, which makes it very efficient adding to this feature, it has a dual-fan attached that is 140mm that aids the 280 mm fan. With its thermal performance, it also provides minimal noise, which is excellent compared to other AIO coolers. It also has automatic shutting off the fan, and lasts for a long time and can be installed with ease. With low temperatures, the fans can stop as it has the mode called ”Zero RPM Mode”. While doing so, they reduce the noise as well.  All these features make it an excellent choice for gamers and make it efficient for first time builders. But the con of this product is that it is costly but cheaper for a liquid cooler if you have a big budget this sure to make the top of your list. 


This is a budget-friendly AIP cooler for the i7-9700K. Your bank account will be safe with this purchase, and you will most definitely not go broke. When the speed of the fan is low, it still provides excellent results. The fan creates a loud noise only when the fan is running at its highest speed. It will reach around 37 decibels when it reaches 1050 RPM. The highest rate of 1050 RPM is enough for beginners and most users. It almost meets the same amount of efficiency as the Corsair H115i Pro.  You need to be careful while picking between the 240 and 280, as one is bigger than the other. You might need to make sure of the size of your CPU and purchase the versions. The cooler proved a flow control software where you can control the fan’s speed, pump control, custom profiles, and RGB lighting. 

Fractal Design Celsius S24

Another budget-friendly Liquid cooler that makes his list is the Fractal Design Celsius S24. Ther Thermal results achieved by this cooler are excellent and match the expensive ones. It reaches 37 decibels when the speed is 50 percent to the maximum; with this, it also provides superior cooling at this speed. If you are not looking for an extravagant RGB cooler, this is perfect for you. It might seem tedious, but it does its job efficiently for its price. 

NZXT Kraken X52/ X62

The dual fan setup, which is Aer 120s, also has a 120 mm radiator attached at the end. It is one of the best liquid coolers that are available out there for you to purchase. It can also fit into a regular CPU, not making loud noises giving it a perfect score for a liquid cooler. You can control the RGB lighting fan speed and the curve if you use the NZXT’sNZXT’s CAM software. This feature allows you to customize and configure the X52/ X62. X52 can give you a temperature of around 39 degrees while X62 can provide as low as 37 degrees, especially under heavy load. 

Air Cooler 

These coolers are used more than liquid coolers as theta re affordable. Also, in terms of products, they have a wider variety for us to choose from. The installation of the air cooler is quite simple compared to the other, and here you have just to plug it and crew it into the CPU processor—the performance of the air cooler given a higher value when compared to its contemporary liquid cooling. Apart from the performance, the chance of leakage, breakage, or bursting is hardly ever heard of, and they don’t ruin your entire machine if they do stop functioning. If you are someone who keeps moving your rig at all times, then the air cooler seems to the perfect option for you. 

The problem with these coolers is that with technology and development, the liquid cooler has started to be more organized and competent. Hence, becoming a disadvantage for the air coolers as with the price being low, the product’s efficiency is small compared to the AIO coolers. When we talk about relocating the heat from the CPU, the air coolers are not bad for the job, but then the heat is not driven away rather dispersed into the case, which would lead to the entire system heating up as well if the temperatures rise massively. Lastly, a liquid cooler is smaller compared to an air cooler and hence might not fit all CPUs, which is a drawback and disadvantage of the cooler. 

Top picks for Air Coolers:

Air coolers are budget-friendly when you compare it to AIO coolers. They are a perfect blend of cheap and excellent performance. The only thing that would be a downgrading is the sound of the coolers. 

Noctua NH- D15

An overall great performing air cooler is the Noctua NH – D15 and is well known in the gaming circle. These have been in the market for a very long time and have still stayed relevant and vital, which showcases the development of the cooler. In terms of price, it is budget-friendly and is considered one of the best air coolers and has even been tested by time in terms of relevance. The cooler consists of two NF -A15 fans with 140 mm, which stand in the dual tower cooler format makes it easier to function. It is also built up a name as one of the most elegant and most performative 140mm fans that are available out there. It’sIt’s not as loud compared to other air coolers and quite decent when you compare it to the Air coolers. In terms of temperature and performance is gives competition to the liquid AIO coolers. With a 64 mm of ram clearance, it is vast, but it most definitely will stay out of your way for you ram sticks. The thermal compound feature is what makes this cooler accessible and gives prograde resistance capabilities for thermal. 

Dark Rock Pro 4

This cooler is one of the best silent air coolers available for you and your i7-9700K processor. It barely crosses over 30 decibels when the fan is at its maximum speed and is very impressive. The cooler consists primarily of two fans, both the fans measure slightly different from one another. One fan is 120mm, while the other is 135mm. The situation and placement of the fans are different as well. One of the fans placed in the middle of the tower by doing, so it helps to assist with the cooling by pulling the heat away from the internal part of the CPU.  This feature is quite impressive for an Air cooler.The Dark Rock is more aesthetic than Noctua NH-D 15 but is as affordable as this air cooler. 

Scythe Big Shuriken 3

For a fantastic performance, this low profile cooler does the job. This cooler is one of the low profile coolers which can be used in your processor, but as it is low in performance, you need to make sure that the case has good airflow. Though it is not awarded the best thermal control, it is quite quiet for a low-profile air cooler.  This cooler is known to have some clearance problem with the RAM sticks and hence featuring a high level of heatsinks.

Cryorig H5 Ultimate

 Your budget seems to be holding you back, don’t worry the Cryorig is a budget-friendly cooler that maintains amazing cooling performance at such a low cost. Having its Direct Compress, which leads to contact between the heat pipes and heat sinks fans increases, which adds to the efficiency in cooling. The loose air intake is one tower, and the other section is the high-density exhaust, which makes the tower split into two. The exhaust helps with the removal of the hot air and making the process faster. The size of the cooler is about 160mm, which would fit quite well for a medium-sized CPU. 

Final Thoughts 

The air cooler is a cheaper option and efficient one as well, and if you re willing to spend the money and want the aesthetics, then definitely try out the liquid cooler. But, also do keep in mind the features and the noise level produced by the cooler. If the noise doesn’t seem like an essential aspect to you, there are other comparison factors. There are many choices and can get quite confusing but see what suits you best and provides what you need while making your gaming CPU. 

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