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Minecraft Tower

13 Best Minecraft Tower Designs To Try in 2022

Building a Minecraft Tower would give you the best of both worlds. These are some of the magnificent builds that look pleasant to the eyes and can also be used to keep yourself safe from zombies and other creatures that may haunt you at night.

The most challenging part of building a Minecraft Tower could be knowing where to start, so we are here to guide you. In this post, you will find various Minecraft Tower designs and ideas that you can implement to build yourself a splendid tower!

Best Minecraft Tower Designs 

Here are a few of the best tower designs that you can build and add to your Minecraft collection:

Archer Tower

An archer tower in Minecraft is a defensive build as when the night falls, you can still shoot arrows from the top at all the zombies and enderman, and they won’t be able to catch you! You will also get all of their items as well as their experience. This is the ideal structure for surviving a night and gaining so much! Try it out and discover how combating foes in Minecraft could not be any easier. 

Check out the Tutorial to create this amazing build.

Tower of Light

In Minecraft world, the nights can be really dark, so all you need to do is build a tower that brings some light around you. 

Watch this Tutorial below to make this unique build for your gaming experience. To make this Tower, you need to start with a stone pillar and effectively create a lovely house on the top; the intricacy and detail increase as you move higher. Even better, the lights in the windows and on the column offer an extra dose of ambiance as it becomes dark.

Rustic Tower

The Rustic Tower can be built atop a hill overlooking a port community, which could be as monolithic as magnificent.

As shown in the Tutorial, this beautiful artwork is covered in greenery and constructed of equal parts wood and stone, blending in beautifully with the rest of the surroundings. The fact that this building was created freehand i.e., without a template, so it is perhaps one of the most amazing aspects.

Fantasy Tall Watchtower

The Fantasy Tall Watchtower, another watchtower and defense point, is an unusual tower with a slim, minimalistic appearance. It’s a little riskier to scale, but like the Archer Tower, it’s quick and easy to build, and it’s fantastic for ensuring you have defensive areas to set up if you ever find yourself under siege.

Here you can check out the 3D Model for the Fantasy Tall Watchtower.

Medieval Lighthouse

Medieval is the most traditional tower design while also being pretty common. Cobblestone, Stone Bricks, White Clay, and Wood are commonly used to construct this structure. Secondary towers, roofs, and lighting fixtures are examples of design changes that stand out. 

Watch the Tutorial to build yourself a tremendous medieval tower.

Minecraft skyscraper

Who wouldn’t want a skyscraper as one of their Minecraft builds? It is one of the best high-rise buildings that you can have in your collection. Watch the Tutorial which includes all of the structural elements as seen in the original material. Hence, it stands tall and girth compared to most Minecraft skyscrapers, reaching up to 40 blocks wide.

Lighthouse 1

A few other Minecraft lighthouse plans are available, but Lighthouse 1 is the original one. It’s a big project, and it takes a lot of wool in addition to the typical stone and wood, and it’ll probably take a while to finish, but it’s the one that looks the most like an actual lighthouse.

Lighthouses have a timeless quality about them, especially now that they are becoming increasingly outdated. Setting one up near one of your settlements on the sea is a terrific way to portray a charming, bustling community.

Check out the Tutorial on how to make a lighthouse in Minecraft.

Medieval Harbour Tower

The Medieval Harbour Tower is another tower you may build to give your community the feel of a bustling port. This one has a medieval motif, and it’s essentially stone with some wood, as the name suggests.

Perhaps not visually appealing, but when combined with other structures, it can be a fantastic method to make your environment feel alive and evolved. If you don’t already have a watchtower, it can also help protect your town from water-based attacks if you chance to be on a server with hostile players.

Check out the 3D Model of this Tower.

Clock Tower

If you enjoy clock towers, you might want to try your hand at something a little grander. You are looking at the best Clock Tower. This much more ornate clock tower has a lot more fantastical air to it, as the name implies. It’ll take a little longer to construct than the last one, but it’ll provide a magical touch to your town.

Check out the 3D Model of the Tower.

Wizard tower

There are a few things to remember and processes to take while building one’s wizard tower. Players will have plenty of room to personalize their Tower to their preferences and add their unique flair.

Most wizard tower roofs are triangular or conic in shape; however, some Minecraft players prefer a more domed aesthetic depending on how their spire appears. Some players even leave a hole in the ceiling for things like beacons to light through. However, this isn’t required and is just a personal opinion. The enchanting chamber and a place for making potions are the most significant rooms in any wizard tower, as they facilitate the principal activities for which wizards are known.

Check out the Tutorial on how to make yourself a Wizard Tower.

Fantasy Tower

Look no farther than this Fantasy Tower if you want to establish your supremacy in your Minecraft world with a tower that pierces the skies.

It may not be the easiest construct and is not recommended for anyone suffering from vertigo, but it will keep you occupied for hours and survive the test of time. When you’re done, you would definitely like what you built.

Watch the Tutorial to build it.

Eiffel Tower

In Minecraft, someone built a complete plan for rebuilding the Eiffel Tower. Because it’s mostly constructed of wood, it’s a little browner than the actual thing, but the likeness is remarkable. With all those crisscrossing beams, it goes without saying that even with the plan, this one will take a long time to set up.

If you’re ambitious enough to replicate Paris in Minecraft, and there are plenty of plans for other French-style structures out there, or even if you want to add some real-world imagery to your game, this one could be worth a go. Just be prepared to put in some real effort.

Check out the 3D Model for the Eiffel Tower.

Chrysler Building

There’s a plan for the Chrysler Building in New York, complete with its Art Deco tip. This one requires a lot of wool, so it may take a while to gather the materials and much longer to construct.

However, making something as visually stunning as this is well worth the effort. The inside isn’t included in the plan, making it ideal for the Minecraft player who wants to experiment with interior design. After all, there’s plenty of room for experimentation.

Check out the 3D Model for Chrysler Model.

How to Build a Simple Tower in Minecraft?

Building a simple tower in Minecraft does take a little time and energy from your side, but it is still one of the easiest things to do. All you need are easy to gather materials, such as blocks, oak woods, fences, etc. You’re good to go!

Watch the Tutorial here to understand how to build a Simple Tower in Minecraft.


We hope that the above Minecraft Tower ideas inspired you, and now you would like to build one for yourself from the same!

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