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DailyGame's Father's Day Gift Guide

So here we are, just a few days away from another Hallmark-created holiday that, to be honest, nine out of 10 dads probably doesn’t even care about unless it buys him some free time in front of the TV or near a barbecue. That’s right: it’s almost Father’s Day. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Secretary’s Day…heck, Hallmark has probably concocted 15 more “holidays” you’ve never heard of but that absolutely require a greeting card of some sort, and we’d all be foolish if we thought 15 more weren’t in the hopper. But, with “hopper” in mind, we’ve sat down to collect our thoughts about what Good Old Dad might want for Father’s Day. After all, we DailyGamers are dads ourselves.

Not all of these gifts can be wrapped up immediately, but dads seldom mind receiving an IOU or a little note in that aforementioned greeting card. Knowing that, all of the gifts below are fair game for Father’s Day goodies, even if they can’t literally be in-hand by Sunday. You know that saying “it’s the thought that counts”? Normally that’s total garbage. Not so with dads. So take careful notes about the list below, make your purchase plans accordingly, and make with the ordering. If the item at hand won’t be available before Sunday, just tell Pops it’s on the way. He’ll love you just the same.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC

A comic-book base, fast-paced action and the ability to leap 40 feet while removing the noggin from an enemy’s neck. Really, what more do you need for a testosterone-powered break? Dad needs to blow off steam like everyone else, and it’s much better to let him do so in the digital sense with excellent games like this than it is to watch him go ballistic on the highway. Road rage is bad. Regenerative health and retractable adamantium claws are good. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is gory as all get-out, but as long as Dad promises to play it while the kids aren’t watching, you’re as good as gold. You can buy the game from using the following links: X-Men Origins: Wolverine for Xbox 360. X-Men Origins: Wolverine for PS3.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC

The original Call of Juarez had its gameplay faults (ahem, about half of the “Billy” levels), but it still remains one of the most underrated games of this console generation. Yes, I’m a sucker for everything with an Old West flair, but even without that fascination, Call of Juarez proved that the Western genre could be fun again. The game had some of the best voice acting ever to grace a video game (Rev. Ray rocked!), and in many respects the characters were more developed and well-acted than Hollywood’s biggest summer blockbusters. So with the sequel, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, set to ship later this month, we expect much more of the same, with that extra level of gameplay polish that was missing from certain levels in the first. Bound in Blood still has the two-character storyline, its characters each has his own gameplay strengths, and with the same developer at the helm, this is one of the few summer games we desperately want here already. If the father in your household has any interest in shooters or the Old West, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is a safe bet. You can buy the game from using the following links: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for Xbox 360. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for PS3. (See also Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360 from Rockstar Games, which uses the GTA IV engine).

eStarling ImpactV WiFi Digital Picture Frame

You want Dad to have family photos at work. Dad likes having the latest electronic WiFi gadgets. Why not combine both wish lists by picking up this fantastic digital photo frame from eStarling? Having made its debut at CES, the eStarling ImpactV WiFi Digital Picture Frame has given us hours of entertainment both in terms of viewing photos and in letting us sort images and then email them directly to the frame. Yes, email photos to the frame. This functionality is not only convenient, it’s easy enough for even the tech-savvy-only-in-his-mind father to figure out. Dad can setup the frame at work, and when he comes home (or whenever you simply get the urge), he (or you) can select a photo from your hard drive, email the jpeg as an attachment to the frame’s customized address, and voila! it appears within minutes on the frame’s regular photo rotation. This is an especially nice feature for families whose father lives in a different city, because adding photos to the digital picture frame is as simple as “sort, attach, email.” The frame’s form factor isn’t as glamorous as those from Phillips, but it’s nice enough to showcase on the mantle or office, and you really can’t beat the functionality. You can buy the frame and save about $10 if you buy it from using the following link: eStarling ImpactV WiFi Digital Picture Frame.

Sony Bravia KDL-52V5100 52-inch HDTV

OK, so this is probably a bit expensive for your run-of-the-mill Father’s Day present. We realize that. But, if you really want Dad to appreciate all the thought that went into his present — and keep appreciating it every time he watches a sporting event or Adult Swim in high definition — you need to keep your eyes on this gem of a TV. Sony’s new 52-inch Bravia is big, beautiful and delivers everything you could want from a cutting-edge HDTV. We could go on and on about how much this HDTV rocks, but we’ll instead direct you to our full review of the Sony Bravia KDL-52V5100. If you’re interested in pricing it (or better yet buying it), we recommend Amazon for some good deals. Check them out here: Sony Bravia KDL-52V5100 52-inch HDTV.

Gift Certificates

This idea may be boring, but gift certificates are one of the only ways to guarantee Dad won’t see your gift as another trip to Sweater Vest Return Line Hell. Walmart has some Blu-ray Disc coupons running this weekend, Amazon has a metric ton of deals, home electronics companies everywhere are scrambling for your business, and you might even be able to squeak out a deal with restaurant gift cards. And don’t forget movie passes, since Transformers 2 opens soon and you know Dad will want to see Star Trek again (we do!).

Thus concludes DailyGame’s 2009 Father’s Day Gift Guide. We’ve made suggestions for nearly all income levels, and with that catch-all gift certificate suggestion, we’ve pretty much covered every gift category under the sun. So get out there and start your Father’s Day shopping. We’re waiting to see what you get us!

– Jonas Allen

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