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AWACS Tactical Simulator 2.0 is ready for takeoff

Barcelona, Spain – AWACS Tactical Simulator 2.0 is here. We have been working on many improvements to refine the simulator to make it a much better strategic game. Version 1.0 included tutorial scenarios, five videotutorials, one 218 pages manual, and seven theaters to put the user in different air to air and air to ground tactical analysis, controlling aircraft carriers and airbases around the world. Version 1.0 also introduced factories to replace lost aircraft, and transport aircraft that arrive sometimes with new weapons.

Version 2.0 adds new features like:

New price:
Well, this is not a feature in the game, but we think it’s important to say. The AWACS Tactical Simulator now has a lower price to let you enjoy this software. But remember: the game is cheaper. Difficulty is not. This is a tactical simulator. We recommend you read the quick tutorial, and the the free manual we have written, Also take a look to the videotutorials, so you can start to know all the elements you need to understand in order to get the best of your combat tactics.

New videos:
We’re now recording some new short videos. From basics to advanced tactics, we hope to show you different ways of winning. Of course you can develop your own tactics, but these videos will give you an idea of what to do. Two basic videos will be integrated in the game, so you can use them as help. You’ll find more videos in our YouTube channel and blog.

New feature: Save & Load missions:
We know this one was very important. And with version 2.0 we’ve built until ten slots (more to come if necessary) where you can save and load your missions in progress. No matter when you save; when you reload the mission it’s all there with the same waypoints, the same aircraft groups and following the same targets, ground targets or air targets. You can save a situation and reload it to experiment different tactics and see what’s the best way to achieve the mission. This can be a good way of learning new tactics. But remember: every mission reloaded will start at the same point, but things are not going to be the same. The enemy AI will make different choices every time you reload a mission.

New feature: NATO-NTDS maps:
Until now, maps and icons where the typical of many games, with airplanes, cities, and other elements the way you can expect in a classical game. Now we have added the option to play the missions with a NATO-NTDS view. NTDS is an acronym for “Naval Tactical Display System” and it’s the way the US Navy show their war maps. These symbols are very useful when you know them, because you can concentrate exactly on what’s happening with few colors and quickly knowing position of different friendly (blue), neutral (green, yellow in the future) and enemy (red) forces.

New feature: new computed damage to ground targets:
We have enhanced the way we calculate damage to ground targets. Now if you launch a MK-84 medium bomb to a heavy target the damage will match the success of a real MK-84 by using their penetration power, explosive index, distance and level flight where you launched the bomb. If you launch a GBU it will add a precision point to the damage, because of the laser guided bomb. For example, level flight will not be considered because the laser precission of the GBU bomb. Soft targets will be easily eliminated, while hard targets will need more firepower.

New feature: real number of planes in an air group:
Now you can exactly know how many planes are in a group when this group has lost some of their units. An air group (friendly or enemy) can start with six airplanes (for example). Say two of them are shot down, you will see a four in the air group tag. This way you can control and know how many planes are remaining.

New feature: locked objects in screen when adding/modifying waypoints:
There are some missions with numerous objects in screen; targets, ships, cities, etc. When adding or modifying waypoints for the air groups, it was usually difficult not to touch these objects when you really wanted to touch a waypoint. Now, when you’re working with waypoints, all the available objects in screen (except your own air groups) are disconnected so you can avoid touching other objects than the waypoint you’re working with. This is an excellent feature that we know will make a lot easier to work.

New feature: button to manage flight groups:
This is a feature like the previous one, but intended for flight groups. When this new button is pressed, and while it is on (it’s a switch) you can touch and manage your own flight groups without touching other objects in the screen. So we can avoid bases, targets, cities, etc., and manage the flight group directly. We think you’ll use this new button very often.

New feature: Stealth F-22A and B-2:
The F-22A is a 5th Generation stealth fighter and the most expensive combat aircraft of its kind in the world. Only available in the U.S.A., it is forbidden to sell these aircrafts to other countries because of their very advanced technology. One of the most important elements in this aircraft is the radar and the stealth shape, so it can’t be detected by other fighters (what is called RCS, Radar Cross Section). We have implemented this feature by avoiding detection of the F-22A when other fighters are in the area. The F-22A can also detect and shoot to an enemy plane without being detected itself by that enemy. An important thing to remember here is: don’t expose yourself. Maintain distance. Too near and you’ll be detected.

The B-2 stealth bomber won’t be detected. However as the F-22A, if an airplane is too near the B-2 will be detected.

SAM sites will have the same problem detecting the F-22A and the B-2.

Other features:
We have worked with the code so now you can find it’s more stable and reliable. Many little things have been improved to let you feel a better game experience. And, of course, we’re already adding new features to the simulator. And remember: any idea you have it will be welcome. We want to hear from you.

Today’s real air war means controlling many aircraft with many combat missions (air to air and air to ground). We’ve used the iPad as support because of its mobility, screen and features, but the main reason is: iPad is more than arcade games. In fact, deep games have myriad followers who want deep strategic and simulation games. We want to target those people.

Aircraft are modeled to act like their real counterparts. Speed, altitude, weapons, radar, and other specifications have been added to the simulation. Weapons also have been modeled, so for example a AIM-9 Sidewinder or a MK-84 bomb will be used as necessary. Manual gives all the information needed to know these weapons and how they must be used.

AWACS Tactical Simulator is a long-term project. It will be upgraded continuously to meet the requirements we want to add since the conceptual idea was modeled. New features to make it more realistic will be added in the next months. Currently we’re working on the Mac version port. It will be finished in October/November.

Finally, we want to remark again: this game has been developed for everybody, but specially for those people who like complex strategy/simulation games. Examples could be Harpoon, Civilization, and so on. You really need to read at least the quick tutorial. We really think there’re space for these complex games in mobile devices. We want to be there from now on.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 190 MB

Pricing and Availability:
AWACS Simulator 2.0 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

AWACS Simulator 2.0
New features in version 2.0
Purchase and Download
YouYube Video (Promo)
Quick Tutorial (PDF)
Screenshot (New NATO-NTDS Maps)

The 69Th Spanish Combat Squadron started its activity in 2003. Since then it has been continously growing and now we are more than 13.000 people, with about 740,000 posts and 50,000 unique visits per month. We have a Combat Flight Academy and some Flight Combat Wings, where we train people in air to air and air to ground operations with different military simulators. This project started three years ago to give a tactical view of the air combat operations. We’re working on a PC online version for training purposes. Copyright (C) 2013 69Th Spanish Combat Squadron. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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