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Pew Pew Land II – More than 300k Downloads Tower Defense Game now Free

London, United Kingdom – Mobile Force today is pleased to announce that Pew Pew Land II – The Ultimate Defense Game, is now free for a limited time. The game is the follow up to Pew Pew Land, the critical and commercial smash hit that re-imagined the Tower Defense gaming genre on iOS, with over 300k downloads. Featuring 14 unlockable Pew Pew Weapons and 5 Special Abilities, players must destroy 12 different Creeps before any reach the end of the maze. The advanced game engine enables each of the weapons deployed by the player to automatically swivel, aim, reload, and fire at the waves of advancing Creeps. The update, with Arcade and Endless modes, adds Game Center integration, where players can compete for achievements and high scores via interactive, online leaderboards.

Played in portrait mode on a gameboard grid measuring 9 x 14, each square on the board is terrain (can be filled by one weapon), occupied terrain (contains an obstacle), or maze (the path the Creeps take from their start point to their end point). Players must strategically place weapons in inventory on available squares so that Creeps will be attacked as they come in to range, while they remain in range, and as they move out of range. Each cartoon-character Creep has its own speed of travel through the maze and its own level of resistance to weapon’s fire. Each Creep has a small horizontal bar above them as they move forward, which acts as a thermometer indicating the Creep’s weakening defenses. When the thermometer is completely red, the next hit destroys the Creep.

Just as the Creeps come in different sizes, move at various speeds, and have their own resistance to incoming fire, the Pew Pew Weapons each have their own characteristics, differing in cost, firepower, range, recycling time, and type of projectile. Weapons are rated from 1 – 10 on a 3-part scale: Damage, Range, and Speed. There are four levels of playing difficulty, and each level can be re-played at any level. Selecting, placing, and purchasing the right Weapons is the challenge on each of the game’s 100 levels that are spread over five different Game Worlds: Forest of Illusion, Rush City, Snow Island, Lost Desert, and Angry Volcano.

Pew Pew Weapons & Special Abilities:
* Basic Weapons – single shot guns that do low damage
* Cannon, Multiple Canons – capable of wide-ranging attacks
* Fire Weapon – burns Creeps and damages everything it hits
* Sniper, Multiple Sniper, Mega Sniper – fast, long range, and accurate
* Poison – slows down Creeps
* Laser, Multiple Laser, Mega Laser – shoots through Creeps to damage everything its beam hits
* Rocket, Multiple Rockets, Mega Rocket – splash damage, and can attack secondary targets
* Beam – focuses on a single Creep until it is destroyed
* Hammer – freezes the Creeps for a short period (upgradeable)
* Bomb – activate the Bomb to damage all Creeps in range; very powerful but expensive
* Magnet – collects dead Creeps, then transforms them into additional money
* Enable All Weapons – requires in-app purchase
* Super Weapon – upgrades all weapons to Super Level; requires in-app purchase
* Gold or Silver Money – upgrades initial amount of money; requires in-app purchase

Pew Pew Land II sets a high standard for competing Tower Defense games, as it allows continuous, simultaneous, high-speed action at every level. Players may enable Fast Forward at any time to quickly discover the effectiveness of their strategic defenses. Counters provide real-time readout of points, lives, money, and waves. Each weapon has its own animated fire and impact, producing a symphony of mayhem on the gameboard. While a wave of Creeps travels together at the same speed, another wave traveling much faster can travel through and past the first wave. Single, Giant Creeps create special defensive challenges, and there are diverse Boss Level battles to be won.

Feature Highlights:
* Two gaming modes: Arcade and Endless
* 100 Challenging levels spread across 5 in-game worlds
* Diverse Boss Level battles
* 4 difficulty settings to accommodate any level of player
* 14 unique unlockable weapons and 5 Special Abilities to dominate foes with
* Interactive leaderboards and unlockable achievements via integration with Game Center
* Fast-paced, responsive gameplay and player controls
* Compatible with iPhone/iPod touch Retina display
* Supports iOS multi-tasking capabilities
* Fully integrated with Facebook
* Use personal iPod/iPhone BGMs during gameplay
* In-depth game manual and gameplay tutorial available for novice players

“Whimsical defense action just got better than ever,” stated Luke Yang of Mobile Force Corp. “Download Pew Pew Land II and start planning, blasting, and defending your way to victory through one vibrant cartoon level after another! An explosion of color and action, defense gaming has never been more addicting!”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later
* 48.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Pew Pew Land II – The Ultimate Defense Game, normally priced at $2.99 (USD), is now free for a limited time and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category. Optional weapons and money are available as in-app purchases. Review copies are available on request.

Pew Pew Land II
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Based in London, United Kingdom, Mobile Force Corp. is an exciting new mobile applications developer currently focused on providing consumers with the highest quality action-based as well as puzzle-based games. The developer is committed to creating in-depth and mentally engaging mobile gaming experiences. Copyright (C) 2008-2012 Mobile Force Corp. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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