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Tips and Tricks for Beginners in WoW Dragon Flight

Almost two decades have passed since the release of World of Warcraft. And it still attracts new players. With every expansion pack, the game gets better and keeps competing with newly released MMO titles. 

No matter if you are a newly minted gamer or an experienced MMO player — WoW is a cultural phenomenon everyone should try. You will get a sense of belonging to something extremely massive and significant.

But some newcomers are struggling with difficulties. It is not easy to get familiar with a massive MMORPG. There are many gameplay mechanics, story, and social interaction nuances you need to know to ease your start. In this article, we will provide you with a beginner guide to WoW Dragon Flight — the latest game expansion.

Economic Basics

First, you need to know more about WoW subscription plans and expansion purchasing. There are several important points:

  • The game is free-to-play up to level 20.
  • After that, you need to buy a subscription. There are many plans available — pick the one you like.
  • All previous expansions are included in the basic subscription plans. You can ask “How to play WoW Dragonflight then?”. You need to buy an current add-on pack along with a subscription to play the latest adventures.
  • When a new expansion comes out, the previous one is included in basic plans.

The Story is Important — If You Want It to Be

World of Warcraft has a massive and deep storyline and lore. It is a rich universe with many characters, artifacts, locations, and events. It starts with Real-Time strategy games and continues in MMO. It is a simple epic fantasy at first. Yet, it has other planets, spaceships, and aliens.

If you are interested in the story, be sure to check various media on the internet: books, comics, official videos, and our favorite — an hour-long explaining videos from lore experts on YouTube.

It is also possible to play without diving deeply into the storyline. WoW Dragonflight starter guide can do without lore tangles — upgrade your character, get the best gear, visit dungeons, and raids, and compete with other players.

Creating an Alter Ego

The first thing you will do in the game is to create your character. It is crucial that it can determine your whole gameplay experience.

Faction. An eternal question: the Alliance or the Horde? Pick one you share your values with, or create a roleplaying experience and let the character decide their fate. There are no gameplay privileges in both, so you better pay attention to the next aspect.

Race. Many creatures live in Azeroth. And you got the chance to play as one of them. Some of them are more traditional like orcs, humans, and elves. Yet there are some special ones — Bull-like Taurens, Sci-fi Draeneis, and even Pandarens. The roster is unique, so try them all! Dragonflight character guide will be incomplete without mentioning a new race — Dracthyr. They are magnificent Dragonkins, who will appear likable to many players. 

Class. Probably, one of the most important decisions you need to make while creating a character. The game is well-balanced, so there is no obvious best starter class in WoW Dragonflight.

It is important to decide which role you want to play in online instances. Smashing skulls is your thing? Pick a Warrior! Want to defeat your enemies with stealth? A Rogue is your guy! Or do you like taking care of others? Pick a priest then. There are also versatile characters like druids: you can turn into a beast and deal damage, yet heal players with spells. Your options are almost limitless.

To be more effective, read through races and class descriptions. Some of them complement each other very well. For example, Blood Elves are good Mages due to their racial abilities. A combination of Dracthyr and the new Evoker class may be the best character for a beginner in Dragonflight. This race and class are bonded, so you will get a complex gameplay experience of a mystical warrior.

Appearance. Customisation was upgraded in the latest expansions, so you can create a unique-looking character. Free your fantasy and be yourself! 


One of the most important parts of every MMO is upgrading your character. And WoW is no exception.

There are 70 levels in Dragon flight. During your progression, you will get points to spend in the talent tree. Each class specialization has its own tree variants. Various abilities, spells, upgrades — there is room for experiments. In Dragon flight, creating a beginner build is not a problem. There are many specific guides for each class and spec. You can even use a talent calculator to plan your progression.

Another thing you want to discover is professions. It is a great way to get money and valuable items and artifacts. Craft jewelry, gather animal hides, or even knit magic carpets. Talk to profession trainers in cities and get one you like.

If you are facing some difficulties and crunches along your playthrough check our WoW Boost services. It is a great way to ease your gameplay and deal with grind.

Some Additions Before You Start

There are some other tips & tricks we want to share before you start your Dragonflight adventure:

  • Communication is the key. Talk to other players and make friends with them. Not only will they help with bosses, info, or navigation. They can even become your buddies in real life!
  • Want something specific? Check Auction House. You can find it in various cities across Azeroth. Players sell many things there you may find valuable: crafting components, set pieces, etc.
  • Be friendly. Despite Horde and Alliance confrontation, the community is positive about newcomers. Be respectful, and you will get a great social gaming experience.

The Adventure Begins

That is all we wanted to share with you in this WoW Dragonflight guide for beginners. New players are also looking for help in the community guides on websites like WoWHead. 

Starting something new is often difficult, but it is worth it.  We wish you luck in your adventure!

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