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Casino Games Online

Play Casino Games Online: Know How the Best and Made

Casino Games Online

There is an untold number of games online that has a figure that grows and grows each passing week and more and more new versions, and adaptions are being made. Where does a player even begin in choosing what online casino games they should play? If you’re looking to play casino games online, fun is only a small percentage of why you really signed up to a casino, so the measure of what games are best, should be done by how profitable they are because winning is fun also, right?

Winning is said to be based entirely on luck but is that true? These are games that are programmed with behavioral software, AI dictates who wins and losses. Before, when games were played in land casinos, luck may take on more credence, but gaming is now so very different, surely this affects the possible outcome for player and casino. See the list of best online casino games.

If you want to play casino games online, you want access to the best games. Games with big jackpots, games that entertain with bonus rounds, and games that keep you in the green for as long and as often as possible. We’re going to be discussing the attributes of gaming development that play a part in the formation of high-quality games that many players do not know about. Know how the game is made and truly learn how the casino can be played. 

Why opt to play casino games online?

To look at the value of online gaming and its benefits, we must also look at land-based casinos, as this is where the whole industry started. 

There are a number of differences but minor changes. When comparing both the land and online casino, there are only two distinct factors that separate them, the accessibility and the options. From just the two things, there is a world of difference within. The game themselves in their built structure are actually alike. The rules are the same, they play the same way, holding the same odds, and to some part, they are also built the same way. It may seem odd given the clear differences, but online casino slot machines are built using the same programming sequences as land-based terminals. More on this part of gaming a bit later on. 

So why play online? Well, these two factors of accessibility and options, lead players to be able to access their games no matter where they are. All casinos online now are able to be played via any mobile smartphone. If you can retain a Wi-Fi connection, you can play on the go.

With this, you are also able to access the thousands of games that appear online. A typical land casino can only hold as much as their square footage allows.  Online sites have no such restriction, like an expanding universe of games, the player has all the space and time to play. 

Whilst the land casino can offer diversity in games, online casinos manage both diversity with greater numbers through many styles, themes and developments. This is where the argument ends really in the favour of online casinos. Blackjack and roulette are just the same games online as they are inside the land site. However, the online casino can offer you about 20 roulette games 20 blackjack games, playable either as a live or digital format game. The regular land casino cannot even produce half of this.  

Rewards swing both ways online

Now, it might seem a stretch to believe but the online casino and player have a harmonious relationship that sees both profiting from this one formatted service.  Not even the players taking part will know of this, but there are rewards that swing both ways, the casino gets their cut, and the players get theirs.

What are we on about and how is this? Well, to help highlight this, we spoke to Eija Virtanen, Editor-in-Chief at This is an online comparison site for casinos in the Finnish market. Eija explains the unwritten rules of regulatory fairness in online gaming which she and her website regularly inform their players from Finland about. 

“When it comes to casinos, the stigmas of fixed, cheats, and unfair play still linger, these things may never go. What we try to tell our users through our guides is that casinos online are not like the Las Vegas casinos that came before. Gambling is so tightly managed now, and the eye of regulators are ever-present. When dealing with fair play, casinos and mainly the developers, must present games that are fair for the customer. No casino online right now, in this day in age is able to swindle players out of money, hard to believe but it’s very true. This comes down to the law encoded into the gaming software. The RTP gives players the assurance that they will win a very large percentage of their own money back and if they are super lucky, then perhaps a bit more.”

The RTP, the law that is encoded into the games, what is all this?

The making of casino games online

One of the best strategies on the face of the earth is pure knowledge, if you know your games, you can be successful. However, many players do not know their games and with a rush of blood, they flood the casinos and just play to win, no matter the cost. 

The RTP plays a big part in the knowledge game. RTP is Return to Player. This is an algorithm that dictates what you win and what the casino makes as profit. So, let us look at this in a simple form. 

The game Mega Moolah™ is without a doubt the biggest online casino game there is. Right now, this slot is holding a jackpot of 14 Million. The RTP of this Microgaming (developers) product stands at 88%. Many players see the RTP score as your changes of winning score, it is not that. The RTP here is telling players that of all the money going into Mega Moolah, only 88% is paid out in winnings. The casino is keeping the other 12%. 

Now, the RTP scores can vary, they go as low as 84% and as high as 98%, the higher the better for the player. Now, despite these facts, many players are still seduced by the big payout potential than the odds of winning. 

The RTP is not the only algorithm used in gaming. When it comes to digital card games like blackjack and poker or table games of roulette and craps, then these machines are built with RNG software. Random Number Generators are an algorithm that recreates chance or randomness through a 30 billion numerical system. So, where are the RTP will payout wins based on the RTP percentage, the RNG pays out on calculated luck. The irony of all this is that RNG games are sold as being the fairest form of gaming there is, when technically it is not as there is no guarantee of a payout, because it is all random. 

Picking what to play

So, right now, you know and understand a heck of a lot more about gaming than most players online spending their money. By understanding games, you really do give yourself a far greater chance at success. When it comes to picking the best games to play online, the gaming production is only part of the know-how, because the algorithms are only part of the gameplay, the other factor is the rule of play. Gaming odds play a huge part in what makes a game more profitable than another. 

Again, not many players know of gaming odds because they have become conditioned to think it’s all luck, so it doesn’t matter what you play. This is wrong and the odds are important to know so that time and money is preserved for games that offer more fruitful opportunities to win. 

The best game to play in terms of odds is blackjack. Blackjack is a card game with a house edge of 1.48%. This is as close as it gets to a 50/50 game. Not bad, considering games like American Roulette offer up a house edge of 5.25% and roulette isn’t even the worst of them. 

Games like Keno or anything lottery-based, come with painful edges that can easily put players off playing. The edge of Keno can vary between 20% and 40%.

Now you know this, which game would you rather play?

Gaming Roundup

To help you become more familiar with the odds and the mechanics of gameplay, it’s strongly advised that you practice before you join a casino online. Use free demo games to learn about their volatility levels, see how they frequently payout and which developers make their games more ‘user-friendly’. 

There are many free demo games inside the site Eija works for, There you have licensed games made by authentic casino developers. These games provide the perfect blueprint to study from. Once you are able to distinguish the more profitable games from those that basically suck, then you can sign up to play the best casino games online for real money.

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