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What To Know About eSports Betting

In case you didn’t know, eSports is the practice of predicting sports results and placing a certain amount of money on the outcome using different online platforms. Online bets can range from a wide variety of sports such as football, baseball, hockey, auto racing, boxing, and basketball. Your odds of winning through eSports betting might be slim, but it’s not impossible—there are strategies that will make it easier for you to win.


Before you log in to any eSports betting websites such as Vulcan Esports betting, it’s vital that you’re well-informed about this practice. The more you know, the easier it’ll be for you to win and actually have fun through eSports. To help you out, here are some things you should know about eSports betting:

1.    Research Should Be A Long-Term Commitment

Knowledge is power, and the same notion is true when it comes to eSports betting. If you’re interested in diving into eSports Betting and actually want to succeed in it, you should take the time to research and never stop doing it. The following tips can help you during this process:

  • Betting on different games at the same time with the attempt to increase your chances of winning isn’t ideal. Doing this will only waste your time and money. Instead, start by choosing a game or two, and learn the history of these games and the most popular teams. You can focus on knowing which major competitions a specific gaming team has joined in the past and its gaming industry in general. 
  • Before putting your money in a specific team, take the time to check its history with the opponent. More often than not, several eSports teams will have a history of competing with each other, so it’s best if you research this data before betting. The information you can gather can give you a better idea of the possible outcome of the game. 
  • No matter how tempting it can be, you should never let someone else’s prejudiced opinion influence your decision of which team to bet. Your friends and family might tell you how exemplary a specific baseball team is, but your research tells you otherwise. You should only rely on bare facts and numbers when deciding which sport or team to place your bet in. 

2.    Choosing A Credible Betting Platform Is Vital

No matter where you’re living right now or what game you’re interested to bet on, there will be several betting platforms to choose from. Even if you’re betting online for the first time, you can simply type in your search online and get ready to be bombarded with thousands of suggestions.

And while you’re already excited in making your first eSports bet, you should be careful about choosing a betting platform. Hastily choosing a betting platform can only lead to more harm than good. To ensure that this will not happen to you, here are some tips for you to choose a credible betting platform:

  • Never make a big financial deposit on the first eSports betting website you come across. You should do some shopping first, check the license of the website, and look for reviews. All of the information you can gather can help you assess the credibility and legitimacy of a particular betting platform. 
  • If you’re already eyeing to use a specific betting platform, check its welcome bonuses and promotions. Earning more than just the money from your bet is always a good idea when you’re new in eSports betting. 
  • While you’re at it, check the terms and conditions section of the betting platform as well. You should also know if this betting platform is restricted in your own country. Doing all of these things before actually placing your bet can be time-consuming, but if it allows you to choose the safest and best eSports betting platform, it’ll be worth it in the end. All of these precautions will help you save money and stress in the long run. 

3.    Starting Small Is The Key To Success

So you did your research on your favorite team and which betting platform to use. By now, you might think that you’re ready to place thousands of dollars on eSports betting because you’re confident to win. This is one of the most common misconceptions people often have. No matter how knowledgeable you are about a particular sport or team, you should always start small. Remember, you’re still new in eSports betting, and you’re still testing the waters.


Since you’re still a newbie, you should utilize this time to experiment with different kinds of bets, know how your odds change in a specific period, test or create your own betting techniques, and undergo the process of withdrawing your very first eSports wins. Knowing all of these things will make it easier for you to assess which strategies you should improve or retain when betting online.

4.    Determine When You Should Stop

There’s nothing really wrong if you regularly place a bet online. If you’re confident about your odds of winning, by all means, go ahead and place your wager. But no matter how fun eSports betting is, it’s vital that you know when to stop. The moment you lose a single bet, you should try to switch to another wager or take a rest in eSports betting. You should never increase your wager in an attempt to win more because most of the time, you’ll only lose.

Once you lose, have the time to check for different betting strategies on the World Wide Web. Something might be wrong with your betting techniques, or you might be missing a piece of certain information about your favorite sport. Unlike an online casino, which only depends on random numbers to win, eSports betting will require experience and skills. You should never bite off more than you can chew as this can only result in bigger problems.

Ask Other People

Aside from the information you can get from this article, go ahead and ask for advice from your friends and family, too. If they have been betting online for years, they can surely provide several tips for a novice like you.  

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