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Esports is growing every year

By 2022, it is estimated that the international gaming world will earn more than 200 billion dollars. This is something that, just a few years ago, was totally unthinkable.

In fact, young Esports players are beginning to be treated as top-level sportsmen and women, with nothing to envy from football, basketball or tennis players in the world’s top teams. As with other sports, there are different game modes, different games and categories. Each of them has a different number of followers and fans, but all of them are of great interest to a growing public.

Moreover, although it is thought that all esports fans are children, more and more adults are taking an interest in esports. 

Differences between countries

According to some data that have appeared in related studies, the revenue generated by the esports sector comes almost 50% from just two countries, the United States and China. E-sports fans in these two countries spend and contribute to the e-sports economy half of the global turnover. It makes sense if we take into account the amount of population in these countries, the average interest they may have in Esports and, above all, the purchasing power of the citizens of these countries. For example, in India we can find a large number of people as well, but the average economic level of the population is much lower than in the other two countries.

Esports in Japanese market

In the case of Japan, there is a huge industry around it. Partly because of the interest in gambling they show, as we can see on websites like https://www.xn--24-fi4arbez1j4a3z.com/eć‚¹ćƒćƒ¼ćƒ„/. As for the actual participation in eSports games, the Japanese government has regulated the participation in eSports games in order to earn money playing esports, so that in order to participate at a competitive level and be eligible for prizes, they must obtain a licence worth 100,000 yen.

Otherwise, if the player does not have such a licence, he/she will not be eligible for the prize money if he/she wins. Therefore, all professional players in Japan must have this licence, a measure that we are likely to see in other countries in the short and medium term due to the boom in the sector in recent years.

Non-competitive streamers also make money

Not only professional players at a competitive level generate money, as we can find thousands of players of many popular games who, despite not being professionals and not generating income by participating in tournaments of their game, do so by generating content for platforms such as Twitch, Youtube or Facebook Gaming, making a living with subscriptions and donations from their followers, as well as sponsors who sponsor their daily content.

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