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New England Patriots Tom Brady

Top 5 Super Bowl Drinking Games: Seahawks vs Patriots Edition

The 2015 Super Bowl features the Seattle Seahawks in their second straight Super Bowl and the New England Patriots in their sixth overall. But those aren’t the only traditions in this year’s big game. Pizza, chips, awesome ads and adult beverages are part of the annual rite, and they’ll be out in full force for the Seahawks vs Patriots Super Bowl too. With that in mind, here is our Top 5 Super Bowl drinking games: Seahawks vs Patriots edition if you’re more focused on that last part of the equation. Johnny Manziel, we’re looking at you.

Wait, Super Bowl drinking games? Of course. While the biggest football fans are focused on Tom Brady vs Russell Wilson, the status of Kam Chancellor‘s knee and Richard Sherman‘s elbow, the vast majority of people watching the Super Bowl are in it for the sheer entertainment. And the ads, of course, but that’s a separate article.

With football excellence not tops on their agenda, millions of fans are open to a little sideline fun. That’s where these Super Bowl drinking games come into play. This Top 5 list keeps things safe — no excessive shots or anything like that — but it will ensure two things for casual football fans. First, there will be something to keep the game at least marginally if the Seahawks vs Patriots Super Bowl game starts to seem tedious. Second, keeping an eye out for the things mentioned below may just help gain a bit of insight into how American football works.

A few quick notes and instructions: Though any list of Super Bowl drinking games can be perceived as alcohol-only, people who are below the drinking age may follow this guide using juice, energy drinks, soda or whatever drink they choose. Also, this Super Bowl drinking games list may say “shot,” but that word can be substituted for “gulp,” “swig” or “big drink” at any time. It’s just easier to say “shot.” And above all, if you play these Super Bowl drinking games with alcohol, always drink responsibly and obey local laws.

And now, without further ado, here are the Top 5 Super Bowl drinking games for this year’s Patriots vs Seahawks game. Cheers!

Game 1: The “Tom Brady Tongue Lashing”

The NFL and its TV partners had a PR struggle on their hands earlier this season when the league’s golden boy, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, was caught several times on live TV cursing like a sailor. The networks wisely stopped zooming-in on Brady during the playoffs, but with the Tom Brady vs Russell Wilson plotline in the 2015 Super Bowl, he’s bound to find a live mic on him once or twice. If he gets caught dropping f-bombs and other four-letter words, toast his “adult moment” with a hefty drink of your adult beverage.

Game 2: The “Beast Mode Ball Grab”

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has earned the nickname “Beast Mode” for powerful runs that drop defenders onto their rears and stiff-arms that would make concrete columns shiver. For better or worse, Lynch has also gained some notoriety for grabbing his crotch after spectacular runs. He’s been fined in the past for doing it, and was hit just this past week with a fine for subtly grabbing his crotch in the NFC Championship game. If you can call such a thing subtle. Lynch will surely be fined if he does this in the Super Bowl, but he’ll also surely grab his crotch if he breaks off a big touchdown against the Patriots. If he does, get familiar with that shot glass.

Game 3: The “Legion of Boom Lip Flapper”

Richard Sherman may be the Seahawks’ most headline-grabbing defender, but the entire Seattle secondary has returned to its imposing ways from the team’s 2014 Super Bowl-winning ways. The unit, nicknamed the “Legion of Boom” for its hard hits and energetic play, will try to deflate Brady’s passing game — and they’re guaranteed to talk trash he entire way. Whenever the cameras zoom-in on Sherman or another member of the secondary talking smack, take a shot. But be warned: these guys talk a lot of trash, so this is the first of our Super Bowl drinking games that could be seriously buzz-inducing.

Game 4: The “Pete Carroll Sprint Shot”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has a youthful look, but he’s actually one of the oldest head coaches in the NFL. In spite of his age, though, he’s by far the league’s most energetic coach on the sidelines. Carroll is emotional, engaged, and acts at times more like a player than he does a coach. That includes running up and down the sidelines to celebrate a great play or to protest a call that doesn’t go in the Seahawks’ favor. There are bound to be some of both types of plays in this year’s Seahawks vs Patriots Super Bowl, which means Pete’s going to get some exercise. If the TV cameras focus on Carroll sprinting up and down the sideline, drink up!

Game 5: The “White Men Can Jump”

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is arguably the best tight end in the league, and not just because he has Tom Brady as his quarterback. Gronk has an incredible ability to get his hands into position amid the tightest defense. He can also out-leap many of the league’s best defenders, allowing his already-tall frame to go up and over defensive backs, safeties and linebackers to make big catches at altitude. Brady will target Gronk a lot in the Super Bowl, especially if Kam Chancellor’s injury is bigger than the Seahawks are letting on. Every time Gronk goes up and over a defender, take a shot. [Note: this last of our Super Bowl drinking games doesn’t mean do a shot for every Gronk catch, but only the leaping ones. You’d end up passed-out if you did a shot every time he caught a ball.]

So there you have it, a list of the Top 5 Super Bowl drinking games for this year’s Seahawks vs Patriots Super Bowl. We hope you enjoy – and know when to identify when you’ve “played” a bit too much and need a break.

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