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Are Aimbot And Aim Assist the Same Thing in Fortnite?

Fortnite has been immensely popular ever since it was first launched. It is one of the most loved shooter games that has now become a mass culture among gamers. Besides being played by millions of gamers worldwide, it has also allowed plenty of pro gamers to gain recognition.

These days, the players are confused with a burning question and that is if Aim Assist and Aimbot are similar or not. To simply answer your question: No, they are very different from one another and this blog aims to establish the same.

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What is Aim Assist and Aimbot?

Aim Assist is an inbuilt software of Epicgames that helps you aim and shoot better. While it can doesn’t happen to be of much help when you are playing on a PC. It turns out to be a game-changer when used with a controller.

On the other hand, Aimbot is a cheat software developed by hackers. It is used to give you accurate and precise aiming ability while shooting. But, the bots in the game also make use of their own version of Aimbots to place exact aims.

Difference Between Aimbot And Aim Assist

Meant For the Players Or Not

Aim Assist is a tool meant to help you with shots in the game. On the other hand, AimBot is not meant to be used by the players and is supposed to be used by the bots in the game only. However, it is generally employed by hackers and cheaters and is not a fair means to play the game.


Fortnite is a shooting game and playing the game on a PC could make it difficult for you to aim with a mouse. Although, it might seem convenient to aim with the help of the entire arc of your arm. Besides, you can make fine adjustments with your fingertips or wrist.

The limitation is the desk space and also the length of your arm. This could lead to several missed shots. Aim assist is a feature that can be utilized to improve your target aims. But, it has not been much of a success with the PC console players. Still, it is of some advantage to the controller players.

So, the aim assist makes your rifle aim better towards the enemies. It’s not very precise but it aligns the aim more towards the target.

On the other hand, the aimbot is a mechanic already installed in the game. You must have played against bots or have at least witnessed bots in the game. These bots make use of the aimbots since, obviously, they cannot aim themselves. The aimbot points your aim exactly to your target regardless of wherever you are aiming from. 

So, with an aimbot, it becomes very easy for even beginners to shoot like a pro. Moreover, it is also said that the aimbot can also reduce the recoil of any rifle or gun. Aimbot aims at the head of the target while aim assist can shift the aim to other parts of the body as well. However, with the aimbot, even one shot on the head is lethal.

Aimbot Is Not Built By Epicgames

Cheaters and hackers who don’t want to do the hard work gain access to aimbots via unethical means. They make the aimbots usable by common players as well. Now, turns out that aimbot is a highly advanced version of Aim Assist.

The reason being that aim assist only points towards the enemy and does leave room for mistake. However, with an aimbot, there is no room for missing a shot since it places the aim directly on the enemy.


To begin with, it is really unfair to allow someone to use aimbots when the best others get access to is aim assist. The bots’ usage of aimbots is also unfair to the human players. The reason being that the bots won’t be missing a single shot while human players would possibly make mistakes.

Having said that, unethically and illegally downloading and using an aimbot to play is very wrong and unfair on the side of players. Because those who don’t do that, won’t stand a chance against it with aim assist.

Detection By Server

Another thing to keep in mind is that the aimbots used by cheats are third-party aimbots. So, when the player uses it and shoots in the wrong direction, then the server doesn’t detect it. But, the aim assist is a feature of the game and is known by the server. So, if the aim assist doesn’t shoot in the right direction, then the server will detect that.

Why is Aim Assist So Controversial?

Aim Assist helps players line up the shots better in Fortnite. When a player takes an aim, the gaming software will automatically adjust the aim (crosshair) to an optimum position. This increases your chances of hitting the target.

However, this feature has not proved to be quite advantageous to the console players. On the other hand, the controller players have found it to be quite beneficial. Hence, a lot of the players think that this feature is an added and unfair advantage for the players who use controllers.

How Does An Aimbot Work?

By now, you might be wondering how an Aimbot can aim your rifle exactly on the target enemy. What happens behind the scene is that, this cheat software, Aimbot latches onto your game and extracts all of its information from your system RAM. Now, this vast information also happens to contain the locations of the other players.

So, it becomes extremely easy for the Aimbot to help you place your aim directly and exactly on your target since it already knows their locations. This is the mechanism behind the working of Aimbots.

Final Words

Fortnite is full of cheaters who use Aimbots to make gaming far more competitive and difficult. Hence, it becomes almost impossible to win for regular players, given that they might have been brutally gunned down by hackers.

This blog has shed some light on the differences between Aim Assist and Aimbot. And hopefully, you have understood that they are indeed quite different and not one and the same thing.

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