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Is Valorant Going To Become The New CS:GO In 2021?

Is Valorant Going To Become The New CS:GO In 2021?

Is Valorant Going To Become The New CS:GO In 2021?

The eSports community is wondering is Valorant going to become the new CS:GO. The two games are direct competitors, so check out our review below.

Is Valorant Going To Become The New CS:GO? Check Out 2021’s Predictions

Finding a more legendary PC game franchise than Counter-Strike is a tall order. Generations of gamers grew up honing their skills in the legendary first-person shooter, which remained unchallenged for nearly two decades. Its offshoot, Global Offensive, premiered in 2012 and became equally prominent. However, the competitive gaming scene asks an exciting question: is Valorant going to become the new CS:GO in 2021?

Valorant first saw light of day in 2020 and quickly captured the attention of millions of gamers worldwide. Also an FPS, Valorant combined elements from competitive shooters like Rainbox Six Siege and Overwatch with the fast-paced CS:GO gameplay. This blend proved intoxicating and countless gaming enthusiasts – including professionals – found it impossible to resist. Due to the dynamic nature of CS:GO competitions, it’s easy to feel like the genre’s progenitor is the greatest FPS of all time.

Let’s take a closer look at both gaming titles to see how the community feels and whether there is actual merit in Valorant taking over as king of the competitive hill.

Is Valorant Going To Become The New CS:GO? The Million-Dollar Conundrum

The most logical answer to this question is that it’s all subjective. There is no arguing about tastes, and each pro player and gaming enthusiast prefers one of the two for various reasons. For example, Valorant offers a fresh spin on an old franchise with everything still being new. 

Simultaneously, recent eSports industry changes make it nearly impossible to cheat in competitive matches despite the original game’s simplicity. However, compared to CS:GO, Valorant matches are more complicated, and this aspect represents a barrier to the entry of numerous players. Regardless, we’ll examine and compare several elements:

  • Wagering
  • Game mechanics
  • Performance & graphics.


There is no doubt that both Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comprise an enormous part of the competitive shooter scene. However, the economy surrounding this scene massively benefits from countless betting sites. 

Such sites exist thanks to companies specializing in providing betting opportunities to fans across various casual and competitive matches. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see players betting outside of official wagering sites. As a result, wagering represents a quintessential part of the competitive shooter scene.

Most CS:GO betting nowadays takes place above board, but the game’s competitive scene was not without controversy in the past. Interestingly, players can also access new skins thanks to a separate and specialized economy. 

Conversely, insight into the Valorant wagering scene does not reveal such a high sophistication level. You will see players betting on their favorite streamers and occasional competitive matches. However, betting to access rare skins is not as widespread in Valorant as in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Game Mechanics

As both game titles fall into the first-person shooter category, you’ll find similar mechanics. However, when looking to answer the question is Valorant going to become the new CS:GO, it is vital to note the subtle differences between the two.

Valorant Mechanics

This game comes with numerous characters you can use to play, including several maps and game modes. Game modes feature a solid fairness level similar to Counter-Strike, including identical map variations. But the main difference in mechanics stems from the characters.

Valorant characters are most similar to those you would find in Overwatch in that they are specific and diverse. Each character comes with unique and special abilities, which you can use alongside teammates to generate impactful strategic moves. In other words, character skill synergy and team cooperation is a dominant aspect of this game.

As a result, learning how to use a specific character’s abilities to a high level may overshadow the fact that you may not be the best shooter. Provided you have the right team strategy and synergy, you can still dominate the game almost effortlessly. If you’re a fan of hero shooter mechanics, you will like this aspect of Valorant that beats CS:GO as a competitive FPS.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mechanics

If you’ve ever played any Counter-Strike iteration, you know how the game works. When someone asks, “is Valorant going to become the new CS:GO?” you need only remind them of CS’s unique recipe for combining simplicity with excitement. CS:GO matches take place in several characteristic game mods, most notably bomb planting and deathmatches.

As a player, your goal is to cooperate with random players or friends to beat the opposing team. Thanks to an impressive number of maps, every match is unique and thrilling, and familiarity with these maps and each weapon’s characteristics further adds a dose of unpredictability.

CS:GO is among the most accessible and grounded games ever to grace the PC platform. Its appeal and global popularity exist in no small part because there are no fancy mechanics or supernatural abilities. Close to real-life, CS:GO levels the playing field and gives every player the same base characteristics. As a result, the more skilled player comes out on top, and skill is the only advantage.

Performance & Graphics

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has Valorant beat in terms of maturity. Because it’s older, CS features lower graphical requirements and is playable on a broader range of hardware. However, CS:GO pretty much looks the same today as it did when it first launched, despite regular updates from Valve. Not to say that it’s bad – quite the contrary – but you won’t find any jaw-dropping graphics in CS despite its impressive performance.

On the other hand, its more recent release means that Valorant’s graphics are more appealing. Maintaining players’ engagement and interest requires regular graphical updates, and Riot Games knows this thanks to its LoL competitive experience. Consequently, you may have a less-than-stellar time playing Valorant on older hardware, but the game performs well nevertheless. 

Final Thoughts

If you like to combine a competitive experience with a fantasy world in which you’re a hero with superhuman abilities, Valorant is worth trying. However, if you fancy the grind of a more realistic, down-to-earth experience where skill is the only equalizer, you won’t go wrong with CS:GO. Both games have built faithful followings, so it’s a matter of crowd psychology. 

So, is Valorant going to become the new CS:GO in 2021? At the moment, Counter-Strike seems to persevere. But, its undisputed reign may come to an end if new players move away from realistic FPSs. 

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