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World of warcraft

World Of Warcraft and Buying Gold Safely

World of Warcraft is an exceptional game that is played all over the world. Released by Blizzard entertainment in 2004, it has had many revamps since, the one version that everyone might be familiar with is World of Warcraft TBC (The Burning Crusade) Probably one of the only games that have not seen a dull moment. It’s been one of the classics for a while now. One of the recent things it came to be known about is Gold trading. Most gamers know about this and in recent years buying safe wow gold for World of Warcraft TBC has been quite popularised.

Gold Trading

As discussed above, gold trading and buying in WoW have been an extremely popular trend, but before we get into it let’s discuss the safety guidelines to buy and trade WoW TBC gold.

Buying gold in 2021 isn’t free from the risk of scammers, unless you are going for verified websites such as LootWoW, you run the risk of getting hacked, scammed, or even phished. Added restrictions are put by Blizzard who have openly gone against gold trading but like we said before verified and safe websites like LootWow are still a viable way to buy and trade TBC gold. But before we dig in about safe websites let’s talk about Blizzard’s backlash a bit.

Blizzard Against Gold Trading

In 2021, we have observed a few posts about blizzards suspending accounts of gamers who are buying gold and the rate of these suspensions is not slowing down. Most suspensions are also seen in the TBC and Burning Crusade Classic but the version of gold that was bought and sold is still pretty ambiguous, marking that this might be happening in retail as well. If caught by Blizzard they first ban your account temporarily for three days which is a small number but the glitch is that they also remove all the gold brought. It’s expected that these suspensions will only get harsher in the future. Other than that this game just like all the online games has a cyber scammer problem. Many hackers steal and transfer valuable content to different characters to get access to raw told or other valuable items that can be converted into gold. So while buying gold if you have accidentally brought it from a hacked account you would still bear the responsibility for it even if you didn’t steal it. You will get banned and after the first ban, your account will be under scrutiny most likely ending up in suspension.

Blizzard has a strong surveillance team that monitors everything happening in the game, so if your great idea is to buy TBC Classic gold by a face-to-face meeting with the seller in the game then you would probably get caught. The probability of players meeting face to face to exchange a big quantity of gold is anyway unlikely which raises the suspension and prompts Blizzard to launch an immediate investigation on the characters involved.

Getting the gold you bought via in-game mail is still better but still not completely safe. Blizzard keeps a tab on the emails as well, their system notices every suspicious transaction. MAking it quite easy for your account to get banned in case a transaction in your mail is flagged. Another possibility is that your gold trading might have consequences outside of the game, wherein your data will be stolen and made public by the websites you have used to buy WoW TBC gold. This data is then sold to a third party for profit, third party can be anyone anywhere including Blizzard. Some websites also have a pattern of intentionally forcing a gamer to accidentally reveal their identity by very neatly texting you in the game concerning the transaction,  blizzard has surveillance for this as well so beware.

Buying TBC WoW Gold Safely

Let’s discuss the safe ways to buy TBC Classic gold. One of the easiest and safest ways involves the auction house, You just have to list items on the in-game auction house and LootWoW buys them from you for the price that is listed. Now the items have to be sold for a higher price than the existing value but you also have to keep in mind that you are not to make anyone suspicious by listing items for bigger price i,e 50 silver for 5k gold. Try to go for 2.000 gold or even less in the regular BoE blue list.

You can learn more about this by voting on the official website – Loot Wow website. You can select the version of the game that you’re playing right now, then pick your server and region after which you just have to decide the amount of gold you would like to buy. Once all these things are done you can click on checkout and then fill a small form. The auction house is recommended for being safe. The other cool thing is that LootWow also pays the auction house fee so that you don’t have to. It also supports in-game mail and face-to-face if that’s preferred by you, all you have to do is add the name of your in-game character.

The other thing why LootWow is safe is because people farming the gold for this website are common gamers so the question of legality is waved since you are buying gold from another WoW player. The litmus test is however won by this website by never asking the gamer to disclose personal information. They ask for very minimum information that is relevant to deliver the gold to the user and to contact them if something goes wrong. Please note that this website will never contact you in-game to raise concerns. The in-game option itself isn’t a very good idea to discuss gold trading, LootWow has its chat system as well as a proactive help center on the website.

Lastly, LootWow strictly uses secure payment methods such as Paypal whilst also offering a 100% refund if the order is delayed or is not delivered for any reason. The starting price for gold is only 4$ so you can test run for yourself, if that’s not enough LootWoW has an amazing help center that is available 24/7 for any concerns that a gamer might have. So what are you waiting for?

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