Pinball FX2 Ms Splosion Man Table Review


I’ve played the hell out of Splosion Man, then Ms Splosion Man, and I fear to check the stats on how much Pinball FX2 I’ve played since that game came out. To help feed the addiction I have to that wonderful pinball engine Zen Studios has created, they keep releasing tables on a somewhat regular schedule. The latest is the combination of two of the best independent developers out there (my opinion), and that is a Ms. Splosion Man table. For 240 Microsoft Points this hot pink table can brighten up your pinball room as … [Read more...]

Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks Coming to Nintendo DSi, uDraw GameTablet for Wii

Disney Home Entertainment logo

The beloved Disney Princess classics will come alive this fall in a new game for the Nintendo DS/DSi and Wii called Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks. Using the touchscreen of the DS or the uDraw GameTablet for hte Wii, players will navigate an open-ended creative adventure through the timeless tales featuring their favorite Disney princesses. Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks is scheduled for release Nov. 1. Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks invites players to engage in an array of stylus-based … [Read more...]

Free Version of Tetris Now Available on Android Smartphones

EA Logo

Tetris is one of the most classic of all casual games, so it's nice to see it come to Android smartphones -- but not tablets -- for free courtesy of EA Mobile. Tetris has been published on more than 50 platforms in more than 185 countries, so it's safe to say the free version of Tetris is going to be a hit. The free version of Tetris features new and improved visuals, the famous Tetris music and fan-favorite marathon mode that will challenge even the most seasoned of Tetris veterans. With touch screen controls, … [Read more...]

WWE All Stars Set to Grapple on Nintendo 3DS in November

New THQ logo

The squared circle will once again appear on a rectangular handheld, as WWE All Stars is currently in development for the Nintendo 3DS and is slated to ship just in time for the Black Friday shopping rush. WWE All Stars will take WWE action to the third dimension with arcade-style gameplay using 3D graphics and two modes exclusive to Nintendo's handheld. WWE All Stars will feature a roster of WWE Legends and current-day WWE Superstars, including 13 playable characters offered as Xbox 360 and PS3 DLC earlier this … [Read more...]

First Free MMO for iPad, Conquer Online, Coming to App Store Soon

Apple logo

All you iPad and iPad 2 gamers out there, listen up: the platforms' first free-to-play MMO (massively multiplayer online game) is on the way soon. Called Conquer Online, the iPad MMO will have no download fees, no subscription fee and no in-game Shopping Mall. It will also be the first free-to-play MMO available on four different platforms: iPad, Facebook, PC and Mac. In Conquer Online, players aren't stuck with tedious "grinding," but will have immediate access to six unique martial-arts-themed classes such as the … [Read more...]

New Batch of NEOGEO Station Games Available Today on PS3, PSP

PlayStation Network logo

PlayStation 3 and PSP owners who love their old-school SNK Playmore games have a new round of downloadable games at their fingertips today, as SNK Playmore announced that the third set of NEOGEO Station games is now available on the PlayStation Store. Included in the third round of games are two titles, Shock Troopers and World Heroes. Both Shock Troopers and World Heroes cost $8.99 on the PS3 and $6.99 on the PSP. Shock Troopers is a run-and-gun shooting game featuring eight mercenaries who face a huge terrorist … [Read more...]

Drive Angry Blu-ray 3D Review

Drive Angry Blu-ray 3D

My daily commute has recently gone from 10-15 minutes to 40-50 minutes each way. Needless to say, I’m having to get friendly with talk radio. After particularly stressful days, I’ve found myself getting upset with the rush hour phenomenon. A few times I’ve even been on the verge of road rage -- and not The Simpsons videogame type. After one such recent commute, I noticed a Nicolas Cage Blu-ray 3D movie I’d been holding onto for just the right occasion. Well, that was the night; Drive Angry found its way almost … [Read more...]

Gears of War 3 DLC Plans Revealed, Along with 33-Percent Discount “Season Pass”

Gears of War logo

Gears of War 3 has gone gold and will launch on Sept. 20, but to help fill the COG-sized void in Gears fans' gaming lives, Microsoft today announced the Gears of War 3 DLC plans by unveiling what's being called the "Gears of War 3 Season Pass." The Gears of War 3 Season Pass grants players access to the first four installments of Gears DLC during the next year, starting with the first batch of Gears of War 3 DLC that will release this November. Oh, and buying the Gears of War 3 Season Pass will get you a 33-percent … [Read more...]

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Coming to Blu-ray in Oct. — In a Treasure Chest

Disney Home Entertainment logo

Call me a sucker for pretty, shiny things, but the announcement that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is going to highlight a 15-dsc set that comes in a treasure chest made my heart flutter just a bit. Must be the little pirate in me. Or the fact that I've been to the Disney Parks 26 times.... The big set will release this October, along with the individual release on Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is slated to release on … [Read more...]

HTC Trophy Windows Phone Review


Microsoft has this knack of releasing products before their ready, so it’s OK to be skeptical of the latest batch of Windows phones. Sure, they include Xbox Live connections, but that promise comes from the company that launched Xbox Live a bit prematurely in the first place on the original Xbox, right? Or that five years ago at E3 promised mobile connectivity to the XBL community? Funny thing: Microsoft must have learned its lesson, because if the HTC Trophy Windows Phone is any indication of all the other Windows … [Read more...]