Tomb Raider Video Trailer

Square Enix logo

Tomb Raider was one of our favorite games at E3 2011, and even now one month out our Editor still talks about it with pseudo reverence. Even if you've not experienced the Tomb Raider games before or have grown tired of the franchise, what Square Enix is doing to the franchise is a complete reboot, and as cliche as it is to say this, Lara's next outing is intense, gritty and definitely not your mama's Tomb Raider. If you've not yet seen it, or if you want to re-live the video once again, we've included below the E3 … [Read more...]

Saints Row The Third Video Trailer

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Saints Row The Third made a whole lot of noise at E3 2011, not the least of which was a bikini car wash outside the LA Convention Center we hinted would likely happen in the days leading up to the show. But outside of the hype, Saints Row The Third managed to stir up some comments about being some attendees' "guilty pleasure of the show" for its open-ended gameplay and the freedom it gave to let players be total a-holes if they so desired. The official Saints Row The Third trailer was hard to track down during the … [Read more...]

Kinect Disneyland Adventures Video Trailer

Xbox Kinect thumbnail

One of the biggest "family friendly" surprises of E3 2011 was the unveiling of Kinect Disneyland Adventures, a Xbox 360-exclusive title that lets kids (of all ages) walk through a fully realized digital version of Disneyland while interacting with characters and the environment. Using nothing but the Xbox Kinect, players can meander down Main Street USA, frolic through Frontierland or tiptoe through Tomorrowland to see -- and then play mini-games inspired by -- their favorite Disneyland attractions. Our Executive … [Read more...]

Fable: The Journey E3 Trailer

Fable thumbnail

We've been fans of the Fable series since Peter Molyneux first debuted the franchise, and we've covered them quite a bit in our Fable 2 Demon Doors and Fable 3 Demon Doors walkthroughs. The next chapter in the series, Fable: The Journey, marks a serious departure for the game, largely because of its use of the Xbox Kinect. By using the Kinect's motion controls, Fable: The Journey at this point is a largely on-rails experience -- as were many Kinect games at E3, to be honest. The gameplay demo we saw at E3 showed the … [Read more...]

Video: E3 2011 Door Opening (Crowd View)

E3 logo

The madness of E3 2011 was subdued somewhat from years past, but there were still about 45,000 people in attendance, which made for quite a rush when the doors first opened at the LA Convention Center. We thought you might want to experience that scene first-hand through this video we shot when the crowd was let into E3. This video shows the doors opening, the crowd behind us, and our quick stroll through EA's booth, past the Xbox 360 and Ubisoft booths and into Activision's unique theater-like setup for E3 2011. … [Read more...]

BioShock Infinite Sky-Lines Gameplay Behind-the-Scenes Video

2K Games Logo

With E3 2011 wrapped, it's time to delve into the games with much more detail than our Tweets let on. So let's start with BioShock Infinite, one of the games in the final running for our Best of E3 awards. Earlier we showed you the official BioShock Infinite E3 2011 trailer, but that just provided a glimpse of gameplay. With our latest BioShock Infinite video, we've got a ton more. The newest video of of Irrational Games is a behind-the-scenes documentary and interview about Columbia's Sky-Line system. In this … [Read more...]

Nyko Brings Zoom for Kinect, Enables Up-Close Gameplay

Xbox Kinect thumbnail

Ever since the release for the Xbox Kinect, a similar problem has been an issue to most people who plan on owning this Xbox 360 add-on: gameplay space. The amount of actual space needed to use the Xbox Kinect is great when you have the amount to use, but it can be very unrealistic to many people. At least six feet is needed to start playing a Kinect game, which may require you to move some furniture around. If you plan to play with another person, an additional two feet is required, making this minimum space requirement … [Read more...]

Ubisoft Bringing Hardcore FPS Titles on the Wii U

Nintendo Wii U

If you pick Nintendo out of one of the big three, hardcore first-person shooters are not usually the first genre that comes to mind. Luckily, with the upcoming release of the Wii U, gamers will have a few hardcore FPSes ready for you. Ubisoft made an appearance at the Nintendo press conference at E3 this week, giving us a few titles to be anxious for. We know that Assassin's Creed, Rabbids and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online will be heading exclusively to the Nintendo Wii U. Although we've not gotten our hands on … [Read more...]

Killer Freaks from Outer Space to Invade Wii U Launch Lineup

Nintendo Wii U

A new first-person shooter exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U, Killer Freaks from Outer Space, will ship during the new handheld's launch window in 2012, Ubisoft announced today. In the game, vicious and insane hordes of Killer Freaks from Outer Space have invaded the planet. As one of the world's last survivors, the player must stalk the Killer Freaks across the globe -- killing each and every one of them -- to determine who will rule the earth, humans or Killer Freaks. Although details about the game are basically … [Read more...]

Dragon’s Crown Coming to PS3, PlayStation Vita in 2012

PS Vita

A new online adventure game with cross-platform functionality, Dragon's Crown, was unveiled at E3 2011 by Ignition Games. Dragon's Crown will release in 2012 for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The game will support four-player same-screen cooperative play and real-time online gameplay. Dragon's Crown thrusts players into a medieval world packed with monster-filled dungeons as they set on a mission to unlock the secret behind an ancient dragon threatening the world. The game will be heavy on … [Read more...]