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Most Popular Clash of Clans Characters

Like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans is a game that belongs in the big leagues of the mobile gaming world. One of the most popular games ever created, it was also one of the first war and strategy games to be launched on Android and iOS platforms in 2012. It is a role-playing game in real-time that features stunning graphics and engaging gameplay composed of fantastical navigation, establishing empires, building and fighting with armies and battle sequences, and even a competitive online ranking system!

As is clear by now, Clash of Clans has been around on smartphones for a long time now. And like all games that have managed to become classics, it also comes with a host of beloved characters that the player can control during the intense gameplay. So now, let us take a look at some of the most popular and well-known Clash of Clans characters!

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1. Barbarian King

Barbarian King

The Barbarian King is the most dangerous of the Barbarians, whose taste for the Dark Elixir turned him into a monstrous size. As a result, he is one of the most powerful characters in the game— he can survive and fight even after sustaining massive amounts of damage, and has the capability to wreck everything in its path. While traps and Poison spells inflict little harm on him, he is a really slow character. On the other hand, he is a fierce defender and his enraged attacks are lethal when the Iron Fist ability is unlocked!

2. Archers


The Archer is a female warrior who boasts of an enviable skill set that few other characters in the game can dare to match. Belonging to a ranged unit of the Barracks, she is part of the second Troop that is unlocked. With no specific targets in sight, they will attack the nearest buildings but in the presence of an enemy troop, they instantly indulge in combat with them. The Archer Queen is the equivalent of the Barbarian King (at times even more dangerous!) and uses the Invisibility Cloak and X-bow as her weapons of choice. However, the Archers aren’t invincible, for even a single Mortar shot can be deadly for them, irrespective of the level.

3. P.E.K.K.A.


The P.E.K.K.A. is considered to be one of the most powerful ground-based Elixir troops. The melee unit boasts of high experience points because of its insane individual hit points and damage per second. Don’t be fooled by the clunky armor, because their slow movement makes for a lethal attack on enemy buildings and troops. Their purple sword is able to take out a building in a hit or two, and their high health status means that they are actually quite the steal for how apparently expensive they are and how much housing they need. Truth be told, they are absolute essentials while playing in the currently successful metas. Here is some fun trivia about P.E.K.K.A.: their armor is so heavy that even the Spring Trap does not work on them.

4. Healers


Healers are a part of the Regular Troop and are flying units. While Healers do not have any attacking capabilities in the game at all, they are really useful characters because of the fact that—as their name suggests— they can heal injured ground troops. However, they cannot heal other aerial troops like Dragons or Minions. When a Healer is deployed, a circular aura appears around her and she starts by healing the nearest troops. They are unable to defend themselves and their abilities are measured in HPS or Heal Per Second.

5. Wizard


A part of the Regular Troops, the Wizards are a magical unit that shoots damage-heavy fireballs or energy blasts over the walls and range-attack buildings since they have no specific target. But, in the presence of enemy troops, they will engage in combat with them–in fact, they are pretty similar to Archers when it comes to their fighting type. They are effective in large groups for support or as force multipliers. However, they have low hit points and can be killed with fair ease since they are susceptible to point defenses.

6. Goblins


One of the many Regular Troops in the game, Goblins are the fourth troop to be unlocked in the gameplay. They are the fastest on-ground unit available (which means that Spring Traps are ineffective on them) and are perfect for raids since they primarily target resources and loot in the Resource Buildings, instead of focusing on the Defense aspect. They have relatively low-heath compared to barbarians, but nonetheless, they effectively deal double-damage to Resource buildings, which is more than barbarians and archers!

7. Golem


With the many Dark Troops in the game, the Golem is perhaps one of the most popular characters. It is one of the most expensive troops, and is only available after Level 4 of the Dark Barracks is unlocked. They are largely tanking units packing in immense power and the ability to sustain damage, and who primarily target the Defense Buildings and can also do splash damage like Lava Hounds upon destruction. When they die, they split up into two smaller damaging Golemites, each of which has a fifth of the power and hit points of the original Golem. The Golem has another counterpart, the Ice Golem, which freezes the surrounding area upon death, and together, they are some of the slowest characters in Clash of Clans.

Along with the ones listed here, there are tons of characters in Clash of Clans like the Hog Rider, Witches, Giants, Minions, Valkyrie, Dragons, etc. that are essential to the gameplay, and are loved by players everywhere. Clash of Clans is a treat for those who play the game, and the wide variety and unique skills of the different characters make for an experience like no other mobile game!

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