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Connection Error

What Is The Elden Ring Connection Error When Summoned, And How Can You Fix It?

Connection Error

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The critically acclaimed Souls series, which started with 2009’s Demon’s Souls and continues through the Dark Souls trilogy, was created by seasoned Japanese firm FromSoftware. Elden Ring is their most recent game. When it was announced at E3 2019, it swiftly rose to the top of several “most anticipated” lists, mainly because Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin was involved in the creation of this game, working in favor of book nerds everywhere!

You’ll understand it relatively fast if you’ve played any Witcher or Elder Scrolls video games. It is essentially an open-world role-playing game set in Lands Between. You will be battling various monsters, from small imps to lumbering trolls and fire-breathing dragons, while exploring a vast country full of castles, tunnels, and eerie dungeons. Along the way, you will encounter non-player characters that will give you complex tasks and, with any luck, priceless gifts.

Elden Ring has a 97% Metacritic score. A simple search on Twitter will give you praise and experiences from players who have already immersed themselves in its mysterious universe. 

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What is the Elden Ring Connection Error?

Elden Ring is a fantastic opportunity to practice patience and nerves. Online video games always have connection issues, and Elden Ring is no exception. The game won’t allow you to connect to its servers when you get the “Connection Error Occurred” notification, and you become trapped on the loading screen. The connection error usually occurs when a player is summoned into another player’s game. 

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What causes this?

Elden Ring has server problems, like most newly released games, which occasionally hinder players’ progress and the immersive experience an online video game brings. The connection error, which only happens when you are summoned into another player’s game, is one of these game errors. This makes Elden Ring a single-player game instead of a cooperative multiplayer one because you cannot send your summon into another player’s game or use their summons in yours.

How To Fix Elden Ring Connection Error While being Summoned by another player?

Elden Ring is such an intriguing game that is disconnected in the middle of it is an unfortunate something no one appreciates. Nobody loves to be disconnected in the middle of a game. The connection error, when summoned, like all connection errors, typically happens when there is a problem with the game server or the players’ internet. Although the first two are much more likely, they could also result from excessive use of a summons sign. 

Even if it can be challenging to pinpoint the root of the problem, it is still possible to find a solution. The good news is that we can show you how to solve this issue, so here’s what you should do if Elden Ring displays the “Connection Error Occurred” on your screen!

Restart the game:

Restarting the game generally works wonders and is a quick and easy fix to the issue at hand. You can continue the game to determine if some settings in the game are incorrect or if the game is awaiting maintenance. Restarting the game will resolve any probable minor faults. Most of the time, gamers who experienced connection failures could enter online matchmaking without problems after resuming the game. Due to the large number of gamers who want to play the game online, the servers are overloaded. Restarting the game can resolve your connection error and connect you to new servers, allowing you to enjoy the game again.

Check your internet connection: 

You can restart your router and wait a while for your internet to come back online if there is an issue with your connection. Upon turning it on, launch Elden Ring to see if it works properly. Alternatively, contact your internet service provider to determine what the problem is. There may be a maintenance issue or another problem, even though everything appears to be running smoothly. Try browsing the web or playing other online games to ensure the problem is not with your internet.

It is also important to remember that NAT types can be rigorous. If so, get in touch with your network operator and request them to switch it to open type so you can quickly participate in matchmaking.

Reset Summoning via The Furlcalling Finger Remedy available in the game: 

Connectivity issues can be fixed by using the Furlcalling Finger Remedy twice. You’ll be able to quit seeing the golden summoning sign after you’ve done it once. The signs will appear once more if you repeat the process. If it works, call the player again and continue your game. If it doesn’t work, try this method a third time. If that doesn’t help, you can do any other scenario this blog suggests.

Enable Cross-Region Play: 

Cross-region play allows you to play with gamers from other regions. Several players have suggested this option. Open the menu and navigate to the Network to enable this setting. The default setting is No Matchmaking. You may modify this and play with gamers from other locations. The number of people you can play with will increase, and your chances of playing online will improve. Remember that you or the other person may experience some form of lag in this scenario. Depending on how far apart you are from one another, whether one of you is from NA or EU, one or both of you may experience latency.

Enable Voice Chat: 

Many Redditors have mentioned that enabling voice chat in Elden Ring allows them to continue their game online without facing any connection errors. You can enable voice chat by going to the settings and selecting the Network option. Activate the voice chat feature. This feature can only be activated by players who are online and inside the game, not in the main menu. The voice chat option will not be available if you are not online. Once voice chat has been enabled, you can play with another person online. In case it doesn’t work, turn it off after turning it on and see what happens.

Stay away from cross-platform multiplayer: 

It could be off-putting, but when everyone was using the same gear, Elden Ring’s multiplayer had a higher success rate for connections. However, this is only one aspect of the overall error-fixing scenario. The game’s creators are working diligently to fix the final remaining essential problems and make the RPG experience as delightful as possible. Meanwhile, for the most incredible experience, try playing with people using the same platform. Users in the Elden Ring community appear to confirm that playing on the same hardware typically addresses most of the game’s multiplayer bugs.

Update your DNS server settings:

One of the most crucial components of our network infrastructure that enables us to communicate with servers and other devices is the Domain Name System or DNS. It works well in the world of gaming as well, especially when playing games online. A PC’s default DNS setup is usually suitable, but it occasionally causes quite a bit of trouble. In such situations, we need to adjust our functioning DNS and change it to work more effectively.

This is another feasible solution that has helped many gamers. You can update your DNS server address to use a different configuration from what is set as the default. It is important to note that there is no assurance that this solution will be effective. You can try it and see what happens, just like the other suggested fixes on this list.

Use a VPN: 

Several VPN programs are available online, both on subscription or unpaid. It might be advantageous to connect to one of these locations using a VPN, as nations like Iceland, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, and Canada are skilled at providing top-notch multiplayer servers for video games. In the case of a connection error during the summoning, it’s not the increased privacy that worries us; instead, it’s the capability of this software to try connecting to Elden Ring from another location to see if it would fix the problem.

Try playing the game’s multiplayer typically after connecting to a foreign location with your VPN to determine if the Elden Ring Error issue is still present.

Use a different character: 

On several Elden Ring forums, complaints are rife that character designs have something to do with players’ inability to play games online. Given that players cannot even upgrade their Tarnished warrior to face the dangers of the Lands Between with an ally or two, this is rather annoying, to put it mildly.

Some users claim that keeping several save points in your game and reverting to them whenever the Error Occurred problem frequently tends to fix it. However, disconnections will return if you begin leveling up your character once again with better gear and more qualities.


If none of these approaches work, the server has a problem, so you’ll need to wait until it’s fixed before trying again. To ensure there is no server issue stopping you from being summoned, you can also verify the status of servers before sending out your summon signs. Try reinstalling the game if none of those worked.

We hope the above solutions can help you fix the connection error when summoned, and you can get back to your game!

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