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Inspirational TV Characters

3 TV Series Characters that Inspire Self Development

Ever since the pandemic had us cooped up in our homes, most of us had a little more time to introspect. Some of us are trying to figure out our lives and what this journey will eventually pan out. And hey, there is nothing to be worried about!

It only means you’re looking forward to growing and developing. And nothing compares to self-improvement!

While we work on our self-development in the real world, countless TV series characters in either fictional or real-life-like scenarios impart a lesson or two. 

Whoever said TV series are only a source of entertainment could not have been more wrong!

This article lists 3 TV series characters that inspire self-development but lookout for possible spoilers along the way. 

Eleanor Shellstrop – The Good Place (2016-2020)

Eleanor Shellstrop (played by Kristen Bell) wakes up in an afterlife called The Good Place, equivalent to heaven but without any religious sentiments or connotations. Eleanor soon learns that being in the good place had to be some sort of a glitch in the afterlife system – fully aware of the kind of person she was back on earth.  

To give you an essence of her life on earth – she was a person who would have a cart full of groceries and chooses to stand in the ‘10 items or less’ lane. Yeah, we can’t stand that either!

But beneath Eleanor’s hard shell of an exterior and being completely void of morals, we see her making several attempts at trying to earn her stay in the good place of the afterlife in fear of the bad place. She turns to her friend Chidi Anagonye (played by William Jackson Harper), who is an ethics professor. She learns the fundamentals and theories of ethics and morals and employs these learning techniques in the afterlife.  

She surprises herself on several occasions when she voluntarily opts to speak the truth and looks out for her friends. She soon believes that she can be redeemed and that there is hope after all.

The character of Eleanor Shellstrop does an impressive job of showing the audience that the journey to learning and self-improvement is never a dead-end.

Bojack Horseman – Bojack Horseman (2014-2020)

Bojack Horseman is an adult-animated TV series that is set in the city of Hollywood. The show consists of anthropomorphic characters living among humans. Bojack (voiced by Will Arnett) is a 1990s sitcom star that looks forward to making himself relevant once again. 

What makes Bojack stand out in the discourse of self improvement would be his depression, addiction, and his crippling self-loathing.

Although starting as a bright and optimistic star in his acting career, he becomes almost unfamiliar with his younger self.

His insecurities, self doubt, loneliness, depression, and addiction often result in him being selfish or self-destructive and hurting the people around him. 

His relationship with his parents is overwhelmingly toxic, which he fixates on as an adult.

His tireless need for self approval is often met with the writer of his memoir – Diane Ngyuen (voiced by Alison Brie). 

Bojack begins accepting his psychological issues and traumas from the past when the people around him who are hurt by his actions speak up.

Despite him living life in an unhealthy way long into his 50s, he realizes time and again that holding on to his character flaws and emotional damage does him no good except hurting the few people that care for him. 

The series progresses perfectly by showing the audience a gradual development in Bojack’s character. It isn’t rushed and more importantly is very real with every minor and major setback that Bojack faces in his journey toward betterment.  

Bojack’s character faces countless trials in life and comes to the understanding that no matter how hard we try, we are, after all, human and are bound to make errors – even if it is about improving ourselves. 

Through the journey of acknowledging that he could have some form of redemption, he finds it difficult to believe that he is worthy of anything good. 

Nevertheless, Bojack inspires us to try, no matter what the outcome.

Alexis Rose – Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

Alexis Rose, excellently played by Annie Murphy in the TV series Schitt’s Creek, tells the story of a materialistic, rich, spoilt, immature, and adventurous woman. She is street smart with a penchant for fashion and a long list of lovers with each of whom she never had a serious relationship with.

In the series, we notice how Alexis and her family don’t share any sentiments or outward affection for one another. In one episode of the show, we see how nobody in her family knows her middle name. Such is the detachment the family possesses. 

No one in the Rose family has any real friends, and this is unfortunately noticed when they hit rock bottom. 

Upon arriving at Schitt’s Creek – a town that Johnny Rose buys as a joke for his son, they are met with the residents of the town who are warm, genuine, and hospitable. 

Alexis’s journey toward self-improvement begins here. She soon understands the value of money, friendships, and romantic relationships.

Alexis, along with the rest of her family, grows as individuals. She forms meaningful connections with her family, which was once superficial and absent for the most part. Everything in her life seems to improve for the best. She learns the workings of relationships, makes meaningful connections, grows to be mature, and is no longer materialistic. 

Alexis Rose, who took a moment to introspect her life, soon blossoms into an independent, warm, affectionate, jovial, and mature person. She learns of several emotions and experiences even in the absence of the wealth and resources she once had. 

Material possessions were never what made the character of Aleix Rose rich


None of the main characters or protagonists of these shows have ideal personalities or constitutions. Yet, these realistic representations of these individuals and their everyday struggles are what set them apart. 

Watching the character’s journey toward self-development with pit stops of scuffles to become the best versions of themselves make us believe in the process.

Since users find the characters so relatable, seeing them reach their destiny makes the watch all the more fulfilling!  

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