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A man making notes on placards.

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Developers Team

A man making notes on placards.

So, you have a knockout idea for a software product that has the potential to revolutionize its respective industry. Perhaps, it’s an online service, a mobile app, or a game. But once you have your idea fleshed out, you’ll have to ask yourself one thing. Where are you going to find the people to bring it to life?

Sure, you can hire an in-house team and have them do it. Or, you can outsource the development to experts from another country. Let’s make the case for the latter option with this list of the five reasons why it’s a better way to have your product ready to conquer the market.

1.   You’ll Gain Access to Top Talent Worldwide

With outsourcing, you’re not limited to your region when hiring developers, designers, and other specialists. That means it’s no big deal if you can’t find world-class experts in your proximity. You have the top talent from all over the world to choose from!

Besides, every developer specializes in their field, just like writers-for-hire are usually experts in, say, critical analysis or literature reviews. So, if your area doesn’t have great talent in AR/VR or artificial intelligence, no need to call it quits. You can easily find the said talent in another country.

What’s more, you can bring together a team from all over the world if you want. You can have a UI/UX designer from the Philippines, several back-end developers from India, and a project manager in your country.

2.   You Can Get Your Project Up-and-Running Faster

Let’s imagine you want to have your development team in-house. One problem with this approach is that it’ll take a long while before you have it ready to work on your project. That’s because first, you’ll have to:

  • Publish your job opening or use the word-of-mouth method to find suitable candidates;
  • Wait until enough candidates apply for the opening;
  • Interview them and test their skills;
  • Figure out and do all the paperwork;
  • Onboard them to make them a part of your enterprise.

Of course, when you outsource, you’ll have to set up interviews and test your candidates’ skills, too. But since you’re not limited geographically, you’ll find your prospective developers faster. On top of that, the paperwork won’t take long. And neither will onboarding – you’ll just have to send your requirements.

3.   You & Your Core Team Can Focus on What Matters

If you bring developers in-house, you’ll have one more team to manage. That takes resources – and it may shift your focus from other business operations. This can quickly become a problem if your current human resources are somewhat limited.

But when you outsource, you don’t have to worry about your managers or recruiter or HR manager getting overwhelmed with the additional workload. You won’t have to hire additional employees just to manage the new team, either. If you hire a whole team at an outsourcing company, they’ll have a project manager and HR personnel on their side.

So, instead, you and your team can use those scarce resources – focus and time – to set up your product for success. You can do a thorough pestle analysis, create a detailed marketing strategy, and concentrate on the rollout. No need to worry about motivating your developers!

4.   You Can Allow Your Project to Be More Flexible

Your project, as well as your requirements, can shift and evolve throughout the development process. That’s natural – some restrictions can be initially overlooked or some hypotheses may get proven wrong early on.

Adapting your team to your new requirements is the problem that typically arises if that happens. For example, you may not have enough back-end developers for the new scope of your project. Or, you may need another UI/UX designer.

If you keep your team in-house, once again, you’ll have to go through all the steps of recruiting and onboarding before you can expand your team. But that’s not necessary when you outsource. You can quickly add or replace members of your team – and get your project going.

5.   You’ll Get More for Less

Finally, there’s the major reason why many consider outsourcing – cost efficiency. In simple terms, it’ll cost you less to hire a development team abroad than to source it locally. And there are two reasons for that.

First, the cost of living differs throughout the world – and so do the wages. For example, a Python developer in the United States will have an hourly rate of $55, on average. Hiring a Python developer with the same level of expertise in India, on the other hand, will cost you only ₹510 ($6.4) per hour.

Second, if you hire an employee, prepare to part with anywhere between 30% and 50% more of their salary every month. Why? You’ll have to pay taxes for every employee you have on your payroll. Plus, you’ll have to cover social benefits, like paid vacation and sick days.

If you outsource your development, you can save money in the long run – and get a product that’s the same or even superior in terms of quality. You can use those savings to power your marketing and sales efforts, thus improving your chances of turning your product into a successful one

In Conclusion

Convinced? If you are, prepare for the toughest part: hiring the right experts. This topic deserves its own long-read, of course. But let’s leave you with a short list of tips for finding the right team out there:

  • Know exactly who you’re looking for – and have the tech stack defined in advance;
  • Determine where you’re going to be looking for developers;
  • Pinpoint your budget constraints and development timeline (and make sure they’re realistic);
  • Find an outsourcing partner with expertise in your field (FinTech, healthcare, etc.);
  • Check their background and reviews on websites like GoodFirms and;
  • Consider the culture, potential language barrier, and time zone differences;
  • Interview your prospective team members and verify their hard and soft skills.
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