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How Much is a Used PS4 Worth?

The PlayStation 4 console was released back in 2013. With 106 million units sold, the PS4 has been a favourite amongst gamers for years and considered by many to be the best console released. Until of course, the PS5

Speaking of the PS5, if you’ve set your eyes on owning the white powerful console with a cape, you might be interested in selling off your old PS4 to better be able to afford it. At $500, we could use all the help we can get for a discount. But how much is a used PS4 worth anyway? 

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Factors that Determine Price of your Used PS4

How much your used PS4 can be sold for depends on a number of factors: mainly the model, edition, condition. Let’s get into it. 


The model of console that you have greatly affects the price that you can fetch for yourself. There’s also a big difference in price between a 500GB version and a 1TB version! We’ve listed the selling prices of all the PS4 console models below according to where you try to sell them.

The good news is that many gamers are making the decision to wait until a few more months or even a year before they purchase the PS5. Many are even deciding to pass on the PS5 and invest in either the PS5 Slim or the PS5 Pro, whichever is released earlier in 2023. 

There will be very few people who choose to buy a brand new PlayStation 4 in 2021, since it just doesn’t make sense to shell out that price for a console that’s a few years old with nothing new to offer. 

This means that gamers will be looking for an upgrade, and buying a second-hand PS4 Pro for about $250 is half the price of the PS5 and has plenty of 4K gaming to offer. So if you have a PS4 Pro that you want to sell, you’re sitting on a gold mine. Buy through playstation gift cards.

Not to worry, owners of regular PS4s and PS4 Slims, because these consoles are also in high demand right now! It’s going to be a good long year before the price of the PS5 dips, and thrifty gamers have got to play something until then, right?


‘Good condition’ refers to a console that’s been used for a few years but looks almost brand new. This means it’s been kept well, doesn’t have much cosmetic damages. 

If your console works relatively well but has a few dents or scratches, it would be considered well-used and you can expect anywhere between a $50-75 dip in the price (from what you could’ve fetched if the console was in good condition). So if your console comes in this category of well-used, subtract aout $50-75 from the prices we’ve listed down below. 

If your console has something hindering it’s performance, like a noisy fan, or overheating, or random crashes — but you still want to sell it, you probably should consider selling it back to an online Buyback store where they will do a maintenance check and refurbish your console. You can hope for only about $80-150 in this method, depending on the model.

Remember that if you’re selling on eBay and lying about the condition of the console, it will most certainly get sent back to you almost immediately from an angry buyer. It’s better to be upfront about the condition so that you attract the buyers that know what to expect. 


Want to sell your controllers, or headsets along with the console? That can add value as well, and you can quote about $10-50 extra per accessory. Obviously, accessories like Guitar Hero equipment will be more expensive, depending on the condition. There are plenty of buyers interested in buying a combo offer since it reduces their trouble of finding second-hand controllers separately along with PS400 Users Manuals. Price accordingly!

Prices you can expect

Note that all the prices we’ve mentioned are considering that the consoles are in good condition with minimal cosmetic damage. Reduce about 15-20% for a downgrade in condition. However, like we mentioned earlier: consoles that aren’t working at all can still be sold at stores that will refurbish them later, but don’t expect to be paid in three-figures.

  • A PS4 500 GB can be sold for anywhere between $150-190 on eBay and other marketplaces, like Letgo. We recommend that you shouldn’t go below $150. However, online buyback stores might offer you only about $80, so that they can keep higher profit margins. If you don’t want to go online, try visiting any local pawn shop and quoting $150 for your PS4 500 GB, and they will probably agree without questions.
    $150 is around the range that people are able to buy refurbished PS4s at Black Friday, so this is a solid number to quote.
  • A PS4 1TB has double the storage of the 500GB but won’t be double the price, unfortunately. It will fetch a higher price, however. You can expect to sell your PS4 1TB on eBay and other online marketplaces (don’t skip Facebook marketplace!) for $200-$250. Don’t accept lower than $200 for a PS4 1TB, since it’s now less than half the price it was brand new at release price. 
  • A PS4 Slim with 500GB hard drive was released for $299 back in 2016, and you can sell it for about the same as the PS4 500GB, which is $150. The highest you could go to is about $175, since it might be tough to sell it at $200. We recommend checking out how much you can get at GameStop, and looking at the store credit options. Generally they will offer about $50 more in store credit for your console. However, don’t count on it. BestBuy recently offered only about $83 for a good-condition PS4 Slim. If you’re keen on the best deal, online marketplaces might be the best option for you.
  • A PS4 Slim with 1TB hard drive goes for about the same price as the regular PS4 1TB if not about $20 less. Though it was released three years after the PS4 1TB, it was still cheaper at launch price. You can expect to get about $200-230 for a PS4 Slim 1TB. Don’t accept lesser than $200! And, definitely try to get about $250 for your console, it’s remarkably compact for the specs. 
  • A PS4 Pro 1TB is in high demand, and will go for atleast $250. In fact, you could easily sell it for $300 as well, if it’s in good condition. And we’re encouraging you to try your luck for $350! The current price on Amazon for a refurbished PS4 Pro 1TB is $444, so don’t go too much below that number! 
  • A PS4 Pro 2TB has years of gameplay in it, and a large number of gamers are going to want to use the PS4 Pro 2TB until 2023. Know your console’s worth, and don’t sell it for less than $300. $350 is the ideal price for a good condition PS4 Pro 2TB since it’s a steal for a buyer and a good amount for you to pocket as well. The only question we have is why are you selling it in the first place?

Where can I sell my PS4 for cash? 

Here are a few of the options that you can consider while you are planning to sell your old used PS4: 

Used PS4 consoles range in price from $180 to $250 depending on condition and model, and we pay roughly $110 to $150 for them if you bring them to us! How much is a PS4 worth in a pawn shop, as well? – The average pawnshop pricing for a PS4 is $236.21.

The price of a brand new PS4 is at present is $329.99. The average loan size is $156.96.

Here are a few of the options where you can sell your used PS4:

Online BuyBack Stores 

An online buyback store is the first place you should look. You can get the most significant discounts from reputable buyback businesses with 5-star ratings by using a comparison tool. 

Most buyback retailers presently offer used PS4s for between $78 and $96. 

When compared to the PS4 Pro, it’s not really much. So how much would you be getting for your PS4? It all depends on the Playstation 4 model you have. The PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, and the original PS4 all came with different price tags. Therefore, their values might be different for each.

Accept the offer from the retailer that offers the best up-front PS4 trade-in value, then pack and ship your console to get paid through PayPal, direct transfer, or check. Selling to an online buyback store is less complicated, and comparison websites help you get the best bargain.


Gamestop is an excellent location to go if you’re looking for a quick and simple transaction. However, keep in mind that a cash buyback may be far less than you’d obtain elsewhere. If you trade your console for store credit, they will only give you the total buyback value.

Selling your PS4 to GameStop will get you $220, which is a little more than half of what you spent for it. We would recommend selling it somewhere for that amount, such as eBay, where it’s selling for more than the retail price. Unless you’re searching for in-store games, stay away from Gamestop.


Selling your original Playstation 4 on eBay might get you a better price, but setting up an account is time-consuming if you don’t already have one. You’ll need to set it up, connect it to an active PayPal account, and list the item. You may still do better with a buyback shop because eBay costs you a substantial proportion of your sale as a finders fee.

Selling on eBay may earn you more money, but keep in mind the fees and delivery costs.


Used PS4 consoles range in price from $180 to $250 depending on condition and model, and we pay roughly $110 to $150 for them if you bring them to us! How much is a PS4 worth in a pawn shop, as well? – The average pawnshop pricing for a PS4 is $236.21.

The price of a brand new PS4 is at present is $329.99. 

How Much Can You Sell a Used PS4 For? 

How much is a used PS4 Slim worth?

The PS4 Pro has a more excellent trade-in value than the other versions. Used prices at buyback now range from $131 to $166, depending on the condition. If your PlayStation 4 Pro is in good condition, you’ll be able to get a better bargain.

How much is a used PS4 Pro worth?

As of this month, the PS4 Slim has a trade-in value of between $77 and $96. Stores pay more for mint-condition consoles, middle-of-the-road pricing for good-condition devices, and little, if anything, for substantially damaged or non-running consoles. A 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive comes standard with the PS4 Slim, and more capacity equals more money in your wallet.

So how much is a used PS4 worth?

If you are looking to buy used PS4 in 2022, you have to spend anywhere between $100 to $200 depending upon the condition and model.

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