Full Forza Horizon 2 Achievements List Revealed

Forza Horizon 2

One of the most addicting parts of an Xbox platform, whether Xbox 360 or Xbox One, is trying to unlock Achievements. Microsoft today took the wraps off the Forza Horizon 2 Achievements list for Xbox One. The open-world racing game is just one month from its Sept. 30 release date. The Forza Horizon 2 Achievements list is diverse in more ways than one. For starters, it underscores just how much there is to do in the game. From single-player to multiplayer options, Forza Horizon 2 looks to have even more to do than the … [Read more...]

Dragons in Destiny? Official Launch Video Indicates So

Dragons in Destiny

Since the Destiny beta concluded I've been counting the reasons Bungie's new franchise is going to rule my life from Sept. 9 onward. Now I've got one more: there are apparently dragons in Destiny. Since slaying my first winged beast in Oblivion I've been seeking new ways to dissect dragons. Based on the new Destiny launch trailer we'll all have tha chance in Bungie's upcoming sci-fi game as well. Nobody from Bungie or Activision has come out and confirmed that there are dragons in Destiny. However, based on the … [Read more...]

Evolve Beta Xbox One Exclusive, Release Date in January

Evolve Xbox One

The Xbox One may be lagging behind PS4 in sales, but Microsoft is getting some nice exclusives to try to reverse that trend. One such example is the Evolve beta, which will be exclusive to Xbox One. The specific Evolve beta release date is still unknown, though 2K said it will hit Xbox One in January. Microsoft originally announced the Evolve beta would be exclusive to Xbox One at E3. The company did not divulge the beta's release date. Hearing that it'll hit in January 2015 is great news for Xbox One owners, as … [Read more...]

The Last of Us Remastered Multiplayer Matchmaking Addressed by Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Remastered PS4

Naughty Dog knows all too well about the issues with The Last of Us Remastered multiplayer matchmaking. The developer knows the multiplayer is not working at times, both because they play the game themselves and because they listen to their most ardent fans. The company today officially addressed the problems and shed light on a possible fix. The developers today said working on The Last of Us Remastered multiplayer matchmaking is "our number one priority." In a statement, the company acknowledged that while … [Read more...]

Xbox One August Update Rolling Out Now

Xbox One

If you've been refreshing your Xbox One settings to see if the Xbox One August update has hit your console, Microsoft's "Major Nelson" has some info you'll be pleased to hear. The Xbox One August Update is now rolling out to all owners of the next-gen console. If your unit hasn't been hit yet, it will be soon. Previously the Xbox One August Update had only been made available to participants in Microsoft's Preview program. Xbox One updates often take place earlier in the month rather than later, leading some hopeful … [Read more...]

Destiny Beta Sets Record: 4.6 Million People Played

Destiny screenshot

The Destiny beta proved many things during its incredible run a few weeks back. Namely, it showed why Destiny should be at the top of every gamer's wish list this fall, regardless of the console they own. In large part because of its excellence, the Destiny beta also managed to set a new record for any new console franchise, with more than 4.6 million people participating. The Destiny beta included a sampling of major activities featured in the full game, which will release on Sept. 9 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox … [Read more...]

PS4 vs Xbox One: 10 Million PS4s Sold is Bad for Xbox One

PS4 vs. Xbox One

Sony Computer Entertainment may not be a major PR player, but some would argue the hardware maker doesn't have to be. In the great PS4 vs. Xbox One debate, Sony came out swinging at Gamescom, divulging a staggering 10 million PS4s sold since November. By comparison, the Xbox One's latest unofficial tally puts the Xbox One at 5 million units moved. The difference between "sold" and "moved" isn't lost on anyone paying close attention, and it could be part of the reason Microsoft's been on a PR binge. Worse yet for Xbox … [Read more...]

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Collector’s Edition Details

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Now that we've all seen the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer reveal, it seemed time for a little public service announcement reminding you of the three different Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Collector's Editions that will release on Nov. 4. All three Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Collector's Editions will be available for Xbox One and PS4, the two "lead" development platforms for the game. Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game are also in the works, though Sledgehammer Games is creating and coding with the … [Read more...]

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions to Release Holiday 2014

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions

In a slightly jaw-dropping moment from Gamescom today, Activision announced it's bringing back the Sierra games label, and that Sierra is working on Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions. Yes, a new version of the triangle-blasting game is on its way. In case that didn't get you pumped enough, Sierra plans to release Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions later this year. Sweet mother of all that's good and pure, that's outstanding news. The first Geometry Wars got its start as a little diversion in Project Gotham Racing 2 for Xbox. … [Read more...]

New Nintendo Power-Ups Decals for Walls Include Mario

Nintendo Power-Ups Decals

The wall-decal company called Blik has just launched a new line of Nintendo Power-Ups decals to help big-time Super Mario Bros. fans live-out their dreams of living in a turtle- and pipe-filled world. Power-Ups are add-on decals that can be mixed and matched to create scenes from your favorite old-school Nintendo games. The 24 new Nintendo Power-Ups decals can be used on their own or paired with the existing Nintendo X Blik sets. Blik had previously launched a set of New Super Mario Bros. decals. These 24 new … [Read more...]