PlayStation Now Open Beta Goes Live on PS4

PlayStation 4 - PS4

Sony today delivered on a promise is made at CES this year, going live with the PlayStation Now open beta for all PS4 owners. The PS Now program is a game-streaming service through which PS4 owners can stream PS3 games to play them on a PS4. The PlayStation Now open beta follows a limited-invitation PS Now private beta that had been running since January. Sony has no immediate plans to use its PlayStation Now service to stream older PS2 or original PlayStation games to the PS4. With that said, most gamers will likely be more interested in … [Read more...]

LEGO Fusion Sets to Compete with Skylanders, Disney Infinity

LEGO Fusion

Long before world-building videogames like LittleBigPlanet and Spark were conceived, we all spent hundreds of hours with LEGOs. I still do, in fact, helping my two young children bask in the creativity offered by LEGO sets. Next month The LEGO Group will take a bold step to meld generations of creators with LEGO Fusion, a blocks-meet-tablets game that will launch with three LEGO Fusion sets. A fourth will release in September. The concept behind LEGO Fusion is similar to the Skylanders and Disney Infinity franchises, both of which I also … [Read more...]

Co-Op Rocks New Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Trailer

Sunset Overdrive Xbox One

Insomniac Games has always been keen on multiplayer action and crazy gunplay. As if you needed more proof, the studio has released a new Sunset Overdrive gameplay trailer that shows those concepts are alive and well in the Xbox One-exclusive shooter. Microsoft and Insomniac first unveiled Sunset Overdrive's co-op multiplayer at E3, but the video below is the first time the public has gotten more insight into the game's co-op experience Chaos Squad. Players will be able to go straight from the game's campaign to Chaos Squad in-game. If a … [Read more...]

Alien: Isolation Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses Unveiled

Alien: Isolation

Sega has shared two aspects of Alien: Isolation bound to get fans in a tizzy. First, the Alien: Isolation release date is scheduled for Oct. 7 across the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Second, and perhaps more giggle-inducing, the Alien: Isolation pre-order bonuses will reunite the original film's cast. The exclusive pre-order bonus content for Alien: Isolation will consist of two downloadable bonus missions that let gamers re-live two classic scenes from the original Alien movie. And yes, the vocal talent and likenesses of key cast … [Read more...]

Fun Battlefield Hardline Beta Statistics

Battlefield Hardline

Now that the BF Hardline beta has concluded, EA and Dice have had a chance to cull the gameplay data and pull together some pretty cool stats. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Battlefield Hardline beta statistics isn't the number of hours played, but seeing how people played in general. For instance, according to EA's data, BF Hardline beta players grabbed $9 trillion worth of loot in bloodmoney. That's obviously a ton of cash, but for context, it's about eight times the total amount of U.S. currency currently in … [Read more...]

Battleborn for PS4, Xbox One Unveiled by Borderlands Devs


Gearbox Software, developers of the revered Borderlands games, are working on a new title called Battleborn for PS4 and Xbox One. Battleborn has been dubbed a "hero-shooter" by the dev team, as it combines fast-paced first-person shooting with cooperative combat by a variety of diverse heroes. Set in a distant future, Battleborn tells a story of players whose only hope for the last star in a dying universe is a new breed of warriors who must put aside their differences to drive back an unstoppable menace. The basic premise sounds cliche, but … [Read more...]

Zen Pinball 2 PS4 Update Enables Free PS3 Table Imports

PlayStation 4 - PS4

It may not be a free PS Plus game for August, but PS4 owners who have Zen Pinball 2 just got a great pre-func bonus from Zen Studios. A new Zen Pinball 2 PS4 update allows anyone who bought tables on the PS3 version to export them from the "last-gen" system and import them for free to the PlayStation 4. The Zen Pinball 2 PS4 update technically went live July 15. For those PS4 owners who haven't logged into the game since then, this news should be greeted like Christmas in July. All told, the following tables and table packs are now … [Read more...]

Xbox One Destiny Beta Release Date Announced

Destiny screenshot

With all the pre- and post-E3 love Bungie showed to Sony, the big debate was how long non-PlayStation owners would have to wait for the Xbox One Destiny beta and Xbox 360 Destiny beta. Turns out, the timed exclusivity isn't all that long. The Xbox One Destiny beta and Xbox 360 beta will both begin at 10:00am Pacific on July 23. Both Xbox betas require an Xbox Live Gold subscription. By comparison, the public Destiny PS4 beta and PS3 betas will begin one week earlier, at 10:00am Pacific on July 17. As with the Xbox betas, the Destiny … [Read more...]

Forza 5 Hot Wheels Car Pack DLC Available

Forza Motorsport 5

We've just entered July and (in America) blown up a bunch of fireworks. Sounds like the perfect setting for something "hot." Like, say, the new Forza 5 Hot Wheels Car Pack, which is now available to all owners of the Xbox One racing game. The Forza 5 Hot Wheels Car Pack features 10 vehicles, seven of which are all new to the Forza series. The "hottest" of the bunch are the Lamborghini Veneno, the Lotus Type 49 and Audi Auto Union Type D. Lamborghini's 50th anniversary car, the dramatic 2013 Lamborghini Veneno, is exclusive to Forza for … [Read more...]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015: First Details and Next-Gen Status

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup entering in its final matches, Konami today unveiled the first details about Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. Owners of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles will be particularly pleased to hear that Pro Evo Soccer 2015 will be shipping for both next-gen systems. The specific Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 release date has not been announced. The game will ship this year, though, as Konami stated that it will release "during the autumn/winter period of 2014." It'll also appear on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Pre-orders are now … [Read more...]