24 Hours of Le Mans Anchors New Project CARS Tracks

Project Cars PS4 Xbox One

The 24 Hours of Le Mans, one of the racing world's most famous circuits, has been announced as one of several new tracks coming to the next-gen racing game Project CARS. Though Le Mans is perhaps better known outside of the United States, another of the new tracks unveiled, Laguna Seca, may be more familiar to U.S. fans. And yes, it's included. Bandai Namco has already stated that Project CARS will cover quite a few regions. For instance, the PS4 and Xbox One racing game will include scenic drives along the French … [Read more...]

FIFA 15 Review

FIFA 15 Review

Yearly sports games are often criticized for either over-compensating changes or not changing enough (besides rosters). FIFA 15 is guilty of neither. Major problems that have plagued the franchise for years finally see their end as the game makes a major move toward realism. Animations Animations have been a growing part of the FIFA series. They are the source of great looks and awful frustrations. FIFA 14 had the most animations of all the games when it came out. When you would press a command button, it resulted … [Read more...]

Sony PlayStation Vue Cloud TV Service Looks to Kill Cable

PlayStation 3 PS3

Sony this week took the wraps off a new PlayStation Vue cloud TV service that is scheduled to rollout in the first quarter of 2015. A PlayStation Vue beta will begin this month for select PS4 and PS3 owners, letting console owners be the first ones to determine whether the new Sony PlayStation Vue cloud TV service will be a cable TV killer. Sony is clearly going after cable TV and satellite TV providers with PlayStation Vue. Final pricing and package details will be unveiled sometime in Q1 2015, but the company's … [Read more...]

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition Review

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition

With all due respect to the decades-old Star Wars and Indiana Jones, the Lord of the Rings series represents the best franchise entertainment Hollywood can provide. Set to conclude its second trilogy in just over a month, the franchise's latest Blu-ray entry is The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition, a must-own set for fans of The Hobbit films. Not only is it a great product, as we'll spell out in this The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition review, but it's also a perfect primer for December's … [Read more...]

Skylanders Trap Team Review

Skylanders Trap Team screen

My kids and I have adored the Skylanders franchise since it first launched, as have millions of other families. Swap Force was a wild hit in our house, so Skylanders Trap Team was atop the kids' must-play list. I purposefully held this Skylanders Trap Team review to give the kids ample time to play the game and provide their impressions too. After all, Skylanders Trap Team, like all of the games in the series, is fun for parents but will really take off or flop based on the kids' experience. As a parent, I look for a … [Read more...]

PS4 vs Xbox One: Sony’s in Trouble, Not Microsoft

PS4 vs. Xbox One

It's time for video game fanboys to stop pretending to be business people. For the past year of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One's commercial existence, die-hard fans of both consoles have engaged in an endless, tireless and frankly meaningless argument about everything related to "PS4 vs. Xbox One." The latest volley says Microsoft's Xbox One is a lost cause. That's an asinine argument. Sony's in trouble, not Microsoft. It's a fool's errand to say Sony doesn't have the upper hand at this point in time. The company has … [Read more...]

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Free DLC: 16 Add-Ons for Everyone

The Witcher 3 screenshot

It's not unheard of to get an occasional game update, but free DLC? That's the plan from CD Projekt Red. In fact, not only is The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt free DLC in the cards, but the developer plans to release 16 pieces of add-on content completely free to any PS4, Xbox One or PC gamer who buys the game. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt free DLC program will be available for every gamer who owns a copy of Wild Hunt. The free content also applies to all versions of the game: digital or physical, standard or Collector’s … [Read more...]

Star Wars Episode 7 Title Confirmed: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens

With the Star Wars Episode 7 title confirmed today as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, LucasFilm and Disney can spend the next year hearing from Star Wars fans whether the new Episode 7 name will stick, or should be changed. Remember, a long time ago in a theater far, far away, Episode 6 (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) was once known as "Revenge of the Jedi." The Star Wars Episode 7 title was confirmed on the film's last day of principal shooting. Now director/producer JJ Abrams can get his Star Wars Episode VII team … [Read more...]

Ubisoft Reveals The Crew Closed Beta Dates for Xbox One and PS4

The Crew

Ever since Ubisoft announced a closed beta for The Crew was coming to the next-gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One gamers have wanted to know The Crew Closed Beta dates so they could set aside the requisite time. Today we got that information, as The Crew Closed Beta is racing toward us much faster than expected. The Crew Closed Beta dates are Nov. 6-10, a five-day span that will be identical on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Anyone who wishes to pre-order The Crew in North America is guaranteed access to The Crew … [Read more...]

College Football Playoff Committee Bracket Week 10 Results

Oregon Ducks Marcus Mariota

The College Football Playoff Committee bracket week 10 results are in, and the SEC has predictably owned the first-ever college football playoff bracket. But Tide fans, look out: Alabama's not even in the top five. History's first College Football Playoff poll showed Mississippi State in the top spot, an expected placement considering the Bulldogs' No.1 ranking in every other poll. The Bulldogs were followed in the inaugural College Football Playoff Committee bracket by Florida State, Auburn and Ole Miss. In an … [Read more...]